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Swedish med-tech serves global need in diagnostics and haematology

The first European cell counter was developed by Erik Öhlin in the mid- 1950s. The innovation is regarded as the starting point in the foundation of what today is Boule Diagnostics International AB, a company dedicated to medical technology development focusing on haematology and diagnostics in particular. Now striving to enter the international stock market, Boule is at the core of developing a new revolutionary product for simple analysis of haematological test results.

Boule’s primary market is small and medium-sized hospitals, clinics and laboratories within outpatient care, for both human and veterinary haematology. The company has subsidiaries in Sweden, China and the USA.
Strategically positioned, each subsidiary is responsible for a large market which enables Boule to maintain lucrative partnerships and collaborations all over the world. Today, Boule maintains a complex sales network representing over 70 countries.

Developing everything in-house
Boule develops and manufactures all products in-house. The core strategy has always been to invest in research and development activities, enabling the company to stay in the frontline of new innovations within the field of haematology and diagnostics. Around 60 MSEK has already been invested in the new Point-of Care product.
Boule’s unique approach is to offer a Total Quality Concept (TQC) by delivering complete haematology systems, with laboratory standards for near-patient testing and ensuring reliability and quality, all encompassed in the six brands manufactured by the company.

Boule aiming for the stock market
This year set off to a great start for Boule with sales figures exceeding anything accomplished by the company before.
Now launching a new, state-of-the-art product for analysing haematological results, Boule also sets out to enter the international stock market. “We have received great response regarding our sales model and focus on bringing laboratory quality also to remote settings, which combined with our continuous focus on research and development makes way for strong future returns and our entry into the stock market”, states Ernst Westman, CEO.

This is Boule Diagnostics International AB
Boule Diagnostics International AB was founded in 1992 as a single company. Today the group consists of Boule Diagnostics International AB,, Boule Medical AB (Sweden), Boule Medical Co. Ltd. (China) and Clinical Diagnostics Solutions Inc. (USA) entirely focusing on near patient testing in haematology. The group employs around 120 people and an annual turnover withinheamatology that has increased 400 % since 2001. In 2009 sales amounted to 175 million SEK.