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SymCel prepares for upcoming market introduction of novel cell screening tools

Swedish biotechnology company SymCel has spent the past seven years developing novel cell screening tools based on established calorimetry science. Calorimetric screening methods are not new, but the systems and tools creating a wholesome solution – a machine that can run simultaneous tests on the same sample, are revolutionary. SymCel has developed five prototypes to be verified as proof-of-concept in Sweden, England and Switzerland. The next step is to start up full-scale production as the company is now ready for a complete market introduction.

SymCel operates with almost 60 years of experience originating from various disciplines within the biotechnology industry as well as the pharmaceutical development industry. The company was established based on a fantastic innovation providing a revolutionary product within the biotechnology field; a multi-channel calorimetric system developed for cell based assays.

The market demand and advantages of the product
Both commercial and academic research environments have unmet needs for fast, reliable and manageable monitoring of cell metabolism, as well as a continuous screening of cells to provide real-time data. Current methods involve several tests done separately.
The method developed by SymCel, with the introduction of an instrument capable of running several tests in parallel thus providing a continuous stream of data, is likely to be received as most welcome among various medical and even cosmetic developmental environments.
“The advantages are numerous. The technology enables for multiple testing using a limited number of cells. The instrument is called calScreenerTM, and is capable of measuring up to 32 different samples simultaneously, measuring heat emanating from the cell metabolism without using additives”, SymCel CEO Christer Wallin explains.
Similar tests have previously been conducted by calorimetry experts. The calScreenerTM, however, enables for a large number of trained laboratory staff to handle the testing equipment and obtaining reliable results without prior knowledge in the specific field of calorimetry. This is why the innovation can be classed as revolutionary, as it enables a vast majority of researchers to employ reliable testing methods based on calorimetry science.

Novel tool based on well-established scientific methodology
The calScreenerTM is the first available multi-channel calorimetric system developed specifically for cell based assays. Measurement of heat flux in living cells is an established and proven technology to monitor changes in metabolic processes. The technology has now reached its final development stage as it is currently being verified and tested by experts in three different countries. SymCel is at the brink of full-scale market introduction.
The technology complements existing instruments and technologies available to life science and biotechnology laboratories. It provides researchers with a novel tool to measure the cellular metabolic response in a native environment providing insights not possible using other methods. In addition, the time it takes to obtain results is greatly reduced as well as the cost for obtaining data.
Although the start-up investment for the actual device is fairly large, the actual cost of running each test is minimal, thus making the investment most profitable in the scheme of things.

Preparing for upcoming market introduction
The calScreenerTM has been developed to suit a wide range of cell-science applications. It can for example be used as a screening tool applicable to a large number of biological systems where any types of cultivated cells as well as bacterial cultures are possible to use.
“We are investigating possible business segments to introduce our product. As the technology meets an actual need in both commercial and academic laboratories, there seems to be many different possibilities. However, it is important that we have a clear focus of where we would like to apply our method, and at this stage we are still investigating different options as they are presented”, Christer Wallin reveals.
Christer Wallin has previous experience with large multinational medical companies such as Mölnlycke Wound Care, Kabi Pharmacia and Baxter, as well as hands-on experience with small development companies such as SymCel. With contacts and experience from the global medical and pharmaceutical market, Wallin continues to prepare SymCel for upcoming market introduction with large scale production start-up expected in 2013.