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Technology at its best – providing security and early diagnosis for heart patients

Imagine a fully reliable, mobile solution for constant monitoring the ECG, a solution able to single out irregularities and automaticly report back instantly to a healthcare provider. This would surely revolutionise the care sector. Some might worry about the price of such a high-tech gadget. Using new technology, a revolutionary innovation has reached commercialisation in the shape of a cost-efficient, real-time monitoring kit for heart patients.

The Stockholm-based medical technology company Kiwok Nordic AB has invented, developed in close cooperation with clinicians at Karolinska university hospital and implemented a unique product; the BodyKom Series ECG, which is a revolutionary solution for real-time, reliable monitoring of heart patients via the mobile network.
The solution enables doctors and health care providers to maintain a constant overview of a patient’s ECG, which in turn makes way for more efficient working practices and earlier diagnostics.
BodyKom Series is dramatically improving the quality of healthcare for patients as well as saving more than half of the costs incurred by conventional in-hospital monitoring systems.
“BodyKom enables patients to conduct a normal life style; including work, travelling and recreation, while at the same time being in close contact with his or her health service provider. This is unique”, states Kiwok founder and Marketing Director Björn Söderberg. “BodyKom operates anywhere where there is a mobile network, and the settings can be customised to notify say doctors and relatives”.

Wide recognition of BodyKom
Kiwok is now gaining the momentum and credentials to expand worldwide. The company has been mentioned in Gartner research reports and has received several industry awards. It has developed partnerships and representation on three continents
The BodyKom Series solution has received a number of prices and prestigious recognitions such as the Itanium Solutions Alliance Innovation Award within the Humanitarian Impact category.
At the Intel worldwide launch of the new Itanium processor 9300 series in San Francisco, BodyKom and Kiwok received a prestigious international recognition as Kirk Skaugen, Vice President, Intel Architecture Group and General Manager, Data Centre Group Intel Corp, referred to BodyKom when presenting the Itanium Solutions Alliance founded in 2005 for mission critical computing.
Although Kiwok operates on a competitive market, the future seems prosperous. The BodyKom Series is a unique product; in the near future the core functionality could be extended to cover other areas which need monitoring, such as diabetes and blood pressure.

Today, more than 250 patients have been diagnosed by using the BodyKom Series ECG. Currently, four hospitals in Scandinavia are using the solution. Kiwok is now beginning a global rollout focusing on new markets in Europe, India and Canada. The initial results have proven that BodyKom provides great advantages to healthcare providers, heart patients and hospitals and clinics.
And it can count on the reliability, security, scalability and cost efficiency of industry-standard Itanium-based servers. These are the reasons why Kiwok is confident it can roll out BodyKom to healthcare providers, and improve the treatment of heart patients around the world

Kiwok in short
Kiwok Nordic AB was founded in Stockholm in 2003 by Anders Björlin and Björn Söderberg. In 2006, Kiwok connected the first patients to the BodyKom Series system together with Karolinska university hospital. Today, the solution is implemented in Scandinavia and with pilots in India the BodyKom Service are now available through cost-efficient rental-based service providers. Kiwok maintains close collaborations with customers and has several service partners today.