Sön 14 aug / År 40 / Nr 3 2022

The future of Lund has started to emerge

Elite Hotel Ideon is in many respects a new landmark for the entire Øresund Region and in particular an important addition to Medicon Valley. Housed in the city of Lund’s tallest building, Ideon Gateway, the hotel has a great view of one of northern Europe’s most innovative regions.

Ideon Gateway marks the beginning of a new era for Lund. The building is not only the tallest, but also one of the most environmentally conscious constructions in the region so far. Elite Hotel Ideon takes up most of Ideon Gateway and like the building itself, the hotel has a very high environmental imprint.

Part of an impressive development
At the heart of Ideon Science Park and in close proximity to some of the world’s leading life science companies, Elite Hotel Ideon offers far more than its 178 high-class rooms and great conference facilities. Above all, the hotel bids great opportunities for visitors to mingle and make contact with new, prospective business partners throughout the entire Øresund Region and not least Medicon Valley.
“The future of Lund has started to emerge, and from our point of view here at Elite Hotels we see a unique opportunity to be part of a most impressive development”, says Hotel Manager Mikael Petersson.

Sustainable business and new ideas
Ideon Gateway is in many respects a symbol of sustainable business through its low environmental imprint, modern technology and efficient use of resources. Elite Hotel Ideon aims to highlight the sustainable aspects of the building in itself as well as in the way the hotel is further developed and managed.
Mikael Petersson brings a lot of new ideas and new, inspiring ways of thinking after many years abroad, including not least the last decade when he was managing hotel in one of the worlds most acclaimed and exciting markets in the Middle East.
“Moving back to Lund is of course a big adjustment in itself, but I see a great advantage in that I may be part of building something from scratch with a hand-picked team. I feel particularly inspired by the fact that all this development is taking place in a region that has so much in the pipeline”, says Mikael Petersson, and refers to the establishment of both ESS and Max IV.

Creating a positive experience of Lund
Elite Hotel Ideon is a distinguished conference center with generous facilities for all types of business meetings. The hotel caters to the needs of all, including the small group of about ten people to the large international conferences gathering several hundred participants.
Mikael Petersson is also very proud of the hotel’s restaurants, including Elite Hotel’s Italian bistro Paolo’s and the Elite Hotel Ideon unique NorthEast, inspired by both Nordic and Asian culinary influences.
“We are well aware of the fact that the culinary experience is such an important part of the entire conference, and we are constantly improving our range by experimenting with new ideas. Most important to us is that our conference guests will remember their visit as a positive experience of Lund, and the culinary experience a very important part of that”, says Petersson.