Tor 30 jun / År 40 / Nr 3 2022

Think green when choosing paper!

Stora Enso’s MultiCopy paper directs this challenge not only at companies large and small, but also private users. Of course thinking green refers to the environment, but also to MultiCopy’s green packaging, which itself shouts “environmental awareness”. At the same time, it conceals one of the whitest papers on the market.

The environment has long been a subject of deep debate across much of the world and interest is clearly going to persist far into the future. Stora Enso’s mill in Nymölla, Sweden, has been a centre of goal-driven environmental work for many years and that is set to continue unabated. Nymölla’s flagship product is its MultiCopy office paper, which was in fact launched back in 1977. The product has changed over the years, being awarded a whole host of ecolabels, which are also displayed on the packaging. MultiCopy is Totally Chlorine Free (TCF) and carries the Nordic Swan and EU Flower ecolabels. This combination of ecolabels is unique, but the most unique thing about the paper is that no fossil carbon dioxide (CO2) is emitted during its production. Fossil carbon dioxide is formed during pulp production, but 100 percent of it is used later in the process, giving the product a figure of zero for carbon emissions. MultiCopy is the only paper on the market to be manufactured this way and eco-aware companies and public bodies have been quick to appreciate that, with demand growing steadily.

Continuous product development
Since its launch, MultiCopy has continued to develop as the wealth of office machinery has grown, taking in fax machines, photocopiers, inkjet printers and colour laser printers. More advanced and faster office machines naturally demand more from the paper. MultiCopy is a fully fledged multifunctional paper that works equally well in all types of printer, both colour and black & white. For a year or so now, MultiCopy has carried a label that goes under the name of ColorLok. ColorLok technology involves treating the paper with agents that fixes pigment particles as soon as they hit the paper in the printer, giving more vibrant colours, superior edge sharpness and bolder blacks. The difference compared with non-ColorLok labelled paper is clear for all to see.

Locally produced
Nymölla Mill in north-east Skåne is an integrated pulp and fine paper mill. It enjoys a strategic location on the Skräbeån river, which provides the mill with water for processing, and on the Baltic Sea, where the used and treated water is later released. The local forests provide an abundance of raw materials, which is naturally crucial for a paper mill. Nymölla Mill sources the majority of its forest raw materials within a radius of 100 km, with all the wood used being traceable and harvested from sustainable sources. An integrated mill has great benefits in terms of energy use. The surplus energy from the pulp mill is used in the paper manufacturing process, plus the mill is entirely self-sufficient when it comes to heat and produces around 45 percent of its electricity needs. Biofuel meets around 95 percent of the mill’s fuel needs. Nymölla Mill also delivers its surplus heat to the district heating network in nearby Bromölla and Sölvesborg, where it is used to heat municipal buildings and private homes. Whatever the next stage of development may be, we can be sure that MultiCopy will continue to be the green alternative.