Mån 15 apr / År 42 / Nr 1 2024

Tyréns in new role as contractor

The consulting firm Tyréns has recently assumed a new role as building contractor while pursuing a complex development project in Umeå. After a long history as one of the leaders in community development, complete with an in-house research team, Tyréns has access to the expertise necessary to realise multifaceted building projects.

Tyréns has successfully formed solid partnerships with universities and colleges across the country as well as leading specialist within urban development. In the ambition to create better communities for people, Tyréns offers customised services on a consulting basis. The company is owned by the Sven Tyréns Foundation and has a strong financial backing enabling for great investments when needed.
The quest to build better communities also goes hand in hand with the vision of the Network for sustainable construction and property management in Umeå.
“We assume an active role in pursuing the Network’s ambition to put Umeå forward as a globally recognised region for sustainable construction”, commented Business Developer Ulf Wiklund. “We are now shouldering the role of property developer in the central parts of Umeå. We have gathered all expertise within the company and are working according to our well-established model based on platform-thinking throughout the project”

A well-developed sustainability approach
Tyréns are working closely with local building experts Martinsons. The project involves four buildings of five levels each in the expansive development area Sandåkern, located in the central parts of Umeå. The project comprises around 50 apartments.
The buildings are characterised by a sustainable building method using solid wood frames. The sustainability approach also includes materials selection, architectural design, technical systems, energy consumption and future operations.
“Our long-term goal is to assist in the development of our city Umeå. We have access to all the necessary skills, and in close collaboration with the municipality and other partners, we intend to create a good foundation for sustainable development”, Ulf Wiklund continues.

New service – real estate management support
Tyréns are developing a new set of valuable services for property owners, featuring real estate management support.
“We have extensive experience in property management. We do not, however, offer maintenance services, but provide support for the parties involved in governing properties”, Business Developer Örjan Matti explains.
These kind of skills have been hidden within Tyréns for a long time, now enabling for the development of a valuable service with a high value on the market.
“We offer attractive packages that can simplify our customers’ day-to-day tasks. This is a nationwide effort involving all regions where we have offices today”, Örjan Matti continues.
Tyréns was established in Umeå in the year 2000. Today, Tyréns has a strong local presence with around 70 employees in the Umeå region. With over 20 offices across the country, Tyréns has grown to become one of Sweden’s premier consulting firms in city planning and community development. With a new holistic approach, Tyréns hope to expand by implementing the Group’s model based on platform-thinking throughout all new projects.