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Tyréns widely involved in projects marking the green strategy of sustainable Umeå

Community developer Tyréns has a long history of successful consulting projects all over Sweden. The company’s recent developments in Umeå are impressive as Tyréns not only assumes a new role as local building contractor but also provides key knowledge and expertise in various regional projects.

Tyréns offers customised solutions based on a wide range of consulting services. All building- and infrastructural projects recently presented at the regional community event Umeågalan 2011 were examples of projects that the company is involved in, providing hands-on experience as well as knowledge based on research originating from Tyréns’ in-house development team.

Design Campus Umeå
Umeå is generally well-known for its high level of arts and design education. The University of Umeå is introducing a wholesome architectural education focusing on design, placing increased demands on existing campus facilities.
Tyréns has been involved since the beginning, now entering phase three of the construction of the new Design Campus. Currently, there is a 40 meter high image museum and a whole new Art College inaugurated within the campus area. The image museum has a technically complex building structure in steel and precast concrete, and the Art College has been refined from existing buildings in the area with large developments to the building frame.
Phase three contains the re-construction of a set of commercial office buildings with similar principles in terms of the framework, also including an advanced construction of the exterior using sustainable nature-materials such as glass and wood.
“Part of our new strategy for future growth is to collaborate more with academic environments. The construction of the new Design Campus is a good opportunity for us to establish a good foundation for a long-term relationship with the University”, Regional Manager Jonas Wållberg explains.

Sandåkern – sustainable homes of the future
In the expansive project Sandåkern Tyréns assumes a new role as property developer. Working closely with sustainable building experts Martinsons, Tyréns operates at the core of a key project marking the green strategy of sustainable Umeå.
The project involves four buildings of five levels each in the expansive development area Sandåkern, centrally located in Umeå. The buildings are characterised by a sustainable building method using solid wood frames.
The sustainability approach also includes materials selection, architectural design, technical systems, energy consumption and future operations. Project manager Ulf Wiklund explains that the main ambition is to be an unmitigated community builder focusing on sustainability.
“Our long-term goal is to assist in the development of our city Umeå. We have access to all the necessary skills, and in close collaboration with the municipality and other partners, we intend to create a good foundation for sustainable development”.

Tomorrow’s sustainable bridges
Tyréns was established in Umeå in the year 2000. Only twelve years later, Tyréns has a strong local presence with around 70 employees in the Umeå region. With over 20 offices across the country, Tyréns has grown to become one of Sweden’s premier consulting firms in city planning and community development. With a new holistic approach, Tyréns hopes to expand by implementing the Group’s model based on platform-thinking throughout all new projects.
As part of the overall strategy for the future, Tyréns has established a trainee program tailored to the future bridgebuilder. The trainee program runs over a year and is the result of well-established cooperation models with Swedish and international professional bodies and universities. Tyréns offers both junior and senior experienced engineers the opportunity of gaining further insight in how to build tomorrow’s sustainable bridges.