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Umeå Airport, Swedavia as gateway for the Västerbotten-region

Umeå municipality and the Västerbotten-region have expressed a common interest of developing Umeå Airport, Swedavia as a gateway for the entire region. In order to cope with an increasing number of travelers and to encourage a greater flow of air traffic, the airport is in need of certain developments. The most pressing issues are size and capacity, Umeå Airport is currently looking into opportunities to expand the existing terminal for departures/arrivals.

The terminal at Umeå Airport has become too small to cope with an ever increasing demand brought about by the rapid developments in the entire Västerbotten-region. As part of one of Sweden’s fastest expanding regions, Umeå Airport must correspond both to the needs of modern travelers and modern companies.
One important aspect is to be updated in environmental-friendly solutions; another is to be flexible and able to respond to dynamic needs swiftly. Swedavia has secured both. The company is at the forefront of global environmental work, controlling eleven of Sweden’s international airports.

Early environmental developments
Umeå Airport was the first airport in Scandinavia to become environmentally certified according to ISO 14001 in 1999. The airport also meets the requirements for the highest level in a European program created to grade efforts made by airports to support the environment and illustrating climate work.
The accreditation program, called Airport Carbon Accreditation (ACA), was developed by ACI, Airport Council International Europe in collaboration with WSP Environmental. The ACA-program has different levels describing how well a certified airport performs climate work. Swedavia Umeå airport has continued to reduce carbon emissions consistently each year.
“Four of Swedavia’s airports are ACA-certified at the highest level; the goal is to set an example for the rest of the airports in Sweden – not only those controlled by us. Within Swedavia we have an ambitious mission for 2012 – to certify all our airports at a high level of ACA”, Bengt-Ove Lindgren, Airport Manager, Umeå Airport, reveals.

An increase of 90 000 passengers
Bengt-Ove Lindgren started his career in the emergency and rescue services in Umeå and was later appointed Airport Manager in Örnsköldsvik, Sundsvall and Luleå.
“My main focus for Umeå is strategic business- and organisational development. During the year we have increased by about 105 000 passengers, a fantastic result for 2011. We hope to reach a score of 950 000 passengers, a record for us. Umeå Airport and Swedavia are working actively concerning environmental issues. With ongoing strategic environmental work both internally and externally, we hope to be able to offer our customers continuous motivation to choose aviation as a viable means of transport”.

Effective and accessible
Umeå Airport is to be seen as an effective and accessible airport near the city center in Umeå.
“The existing terminal has become too small for our ever-increasing demand. As a first step, we aim to develop our terminal focusing on arrivals. The developmental need of the airport goes hand in hand with regional development. Therefore we have adopted strategic plans conforming to those of the Umeå municipality for the long term. According to the municipality vision, Umeå alone will have a population of 200 000 by the year 2050. This puts our pressing need for development in context”, Bengt-Ove Lindgren concludes.