Sön 14 jul / År 42 / Nr 3 2024

Umeå Energi strives to optimise customer energy consumption

Umeå Energi continues to advance the company’s position as green energy supplier. After substantial investments in local wind farms the commitment extends to several development projects within the newly formed business area named Sun, Wind & Water. Umeå Energi also intends to optimise customers’ energy use in taking on the new role as energy advisor.

The last five years are characterised by heavy investments concerning various wind energy projects. In 2005, Umeå Energi entered into a joint-venture with Swedish wind park developer Kvarkenvinden, and since 2007 the energy supplier has invested in wholly-owned wind power parks in Hudiksvall, Hörnefors and Robertsfors, as well as an offshore plant in Holmsund, Port of Umeå. The total yearly production of all Umeå Energi’s wind power plants reaches around 80 GWh today.

Innovation, approachability and sustainability
Umeå Energi is a cohesive group. The company’s activities are classified into the five business areas Heat, Energy networks, Energy supply, UmeNet and the new addition comprised of Sun, Wind & Water. The optical fiber network UmeNet has placed Umeå on the map as one of the world’s most connected cities and Umeå Energy has around 60,000 electricity customers, demand continuously increasing.
Innovative, approachable and sustainable solutions are high on the agenda for Umeå Energi. “We are making extensive investments in projects concerning renewable energy sources such as wind, hydro and bioenergy. We are also investigating the possibilities to develop solutions for obtaining solar energy in a way that would be profitable in both small and large quantities”, CEO Göran Ernstson reveals.

Sharing knowledge
Umeå Energi is generally very positive about sharing knowledge and interacting with other players in the region. As members of the Network for Sustainable Construction and Property Management in Umeå, the company seeks further opportunities for establishing long-lasting relationships with regional companies that share the same developmental goals for Umeå as a region.
“Together with HSB, we participate in a major project in the development area Sandåkern, an area located near the central parts of Umeå. Aside from the fact that we get to supply electricity to the new homes planned for this area, we hope to supply district heating and broadband services as well. We look very positively on our close cooperation with HSB and believe that collaborations of this kind are an integral part of the Network’s future development”, Göran Ernstson continues.

Sustainable services
Umeå Energi has set up an ambitious goal in aiming to be a completely carbon neutral organisation by 2018. Göran Ernstson stresses that the ambition includes everything – from business trips to energy production and supply.
“We want to practice what we preach at every stage. We want to be known as a key player in Umeå, and a partner in various local events. As an example, we sponsor local sports clubs and are actively involved in several other community projects”.
Umeå Energi has put together packages of value-added services to promote and maintain energy efficient solutions. The overall aim is to contribute to a sustainable development by optimising customer energy consumption in different ways, ensuring improvement wherever possible.