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Unique originals for unique individuals – patient-specific CAD/CAM dental implant solutions from Astra Tech

Astra Tech develops, manufactures and markets dental implants and advanced medical devices within urology and surgery. Björn Delin, Business Unit Director at Astra Tech Dental in Mölndal, Sweden, explains that the future lies in patient-specific solutions. That’s why Astra Tech three years ago acquired Atlantis™ – the leading CAD/CAM solution for patient-specific abutments for dental implants in North America. Atlantis is now rapidly gaining market share also in Europe.

Founded in 1948 as AB Sjukvårdsutensilier, the company today known as Astra Tech is not only a internationally well-established medical device manufacturer based on more than 60 years of expertise, but also a leading provider of comprehensive solutions for dental implant therapy.

Atlantis™ – patient-specific abutments for all major implant systems
Astra Tech Dental provides dental professionals with the freedom of unlimited possibilities when it comes to implant therapy. This philosophy is the reason behind why the patient-specific abutments from Atlantis are available not only for their own implant system, but also for implant systems from other leading suppliers such as Nobel Biocare, Straumann and Dentsply. The unique patented software programme Atlantis™ VAD (Virtual Abutment Design) makes it possible to design the abutment based on the final desired tooth shape and at the same time taking adjacent teeth into consideration. For the patient the result is a tooth replacement very close to the way natural teeth looks and feels.

“Dental implants are in fact much more than a medical breakthrough; the technology is also a way of enhancing the quality of life for a large number of people. Having healthy and beautiful teeth is a very important part of people’s lives, connected with self-esteem, lifestyle and success”, Björn Delin explains.

Driven by innovation
Since 1985 when Astra Tech entered the field of implant dentistry, they have continuously developed and documented their implant system and is now number three worldwide. Several of their groundbreaking innovations are now considered state-of-the-art in implant dentistry. A good example of this is OsseoSpeed™, a fluoride modified implant surface with a nano-scale topography that generates more bone more rapidly.

“Our ambition is to always be at the frontline with new innovations, solutions and services connected to our specific areas of expertise. Our core focus is to enhance quality of life for patients, and making easy-to-use solutions available to professionals”, states Björn Delin.