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Vironova seeks to combat and prevent the spread of viral diseases

Swedish biotech company Vironova AB (publ), founded by antiviral drug development pioneer Dr Mohammed Homman, continues to reap success in discovering new methods for application in antiviral therapeutics and virus diagnostics. The company’s products are developed with an overall aim to combat and prevent the spread of viral diseases such as herpes, influenza and HIV.

Vironova employs cutting edge image analysis technology, transmission electron microscopy imaging (TEM-imaging) and advanced virus expertise in order to create the best possible methods and systems for identifying, diagnosing and treating viral diseases.
The company has generated unique capabilities to develop a powerful class of antivirals referred to as maturation inhibitors. These antivirals are characterised as being significantly faster and more cost efficient than traditional compounds.

Dealing with viruses associated with bioterror and pandemics
It was initially the development of a lead compound (VN-180) against all eight human herpes viruses that named Vironova as an outstanding antiviral drug developer. The company has been able to secure funding from for example VINNOVA, and is also part of a research and development collaboration network with the Karolinska Institute and other prominent players.
Past success has led to the initiation of two further projects similar to VN-180; one against influenza and one against HIV. “Our products initially provide software solutions for the automated identification of groups of viruses, particularly in the area where reliable diagnostic tools are lacking. Typically, these viruses are linked to for example bioterror and pandemics”, Mohammed Homman explains.
Based in Stockholm, Sweden, Vironova has during the past two years taken several steps towards the objective of becoming the most productive and profitable biotech company within the viral disease area.

Turning research into value-added commercial products
Mohammed Homman’s award-winning interdisciplinary research, combining virology, mathematics and image analysis expertise, has been generated over several years of work at leading Swedish Universities.
The research has been vital in the development of automated image analysis tools for fast, accurate and thorough analysis of viruses. The tools are packaged as value-added products and services by privately-owned biotech company Vironova, where Mohammed is currently operating as CEO.
Vironova is now entering the next phase by embarking on an international expansion. The first milestone comprises of a license agreement for the first virus detection product with an international player. Vironova is also looking to achieve increased sales of analysis services connected to the company’s products.