Sön 14 jul / År 42 / Nr 3 2024

Vitrolife’s unique position at the core of rapid development

As previously communicated in Affärstidningen Näringsliv 4 – 2010, Swedish innovations are at the core of global development within the fast-pacing life science area. Swedish med-tech company Vitrolife is one of the world’s fastest growing developers and manufacturers of high-quality systems for the preparation, cultivation and storage of human cells, tissues and organs outside the body.

Vitrolife, based in Gothenburg, is an innovative driving force in the development of medical technology supporting fertility treatments. Focusing on high-quality and demand products, Vitrolife has gained a strong influence world-wide as one of the leading developers of products used in IVF therapy.
Vitrolife also has the single largest market-share in Europe when it comes to products and solutions used in treating human infertility. In fact, over 3000 clinics worldwide, both private and public, use equipment and solutions generated by Vitrolife.
In order to maintain high quality and close customer relations, Vitrolife has established local branches close to key strategic markets. Vitrolife also maintains close collaborations with its subsidiaries and partners across the world, with the core ambition to maintain the best possible patient care and continuity based on carefully tailored products and solutions.

Vitrolife and HertART to reach common goal
Last year was an interesting year for Vitrolife, and for the life science industry at large. Vitrolife has reached a milestone in the company’s own strategic development plan. In close collaboration with the partly subsidized HertART, Vitrolife is introducing a whole new range of equipment and solutions for IVF treatment.
Vitrolife CEO Magnus Nilsson on the launch of the new product range: “This is an ambitious and in many ways ground-breaking step, we are above all proud to be a part of this development, where we provide the systems necessary to generate and maintain new life”.
In acquiring a part of HertART, Vitrolife is also aiming to grow on an already well-established market. “In the near future we are hoping to represent up to 80 per cent of the worldwide market of systems and solutions for IVF treatments, which we see as feasible as we have a unique standing point not only in Europe, but in the emerging markets as well”, Magnus Nilsson reveals.

At the forefront of transplantation
In 2000, professor Stig Steen performed the first transplantation procedure with lungs from a non heart-beating donor. The lungs were preserved in Vitrolife’s solution Perfadex. Since then, Vitrolife is also a leading developer of high-tech solutions and systems to maintain living tissue and organs outside of the body.
The STEEN-solution is now used in almost all transplantations of lungs where it is necessary to store the organs for some time before they are implemented. North America and in particular USA is the largest market in the world for this kind of procedure, and again, Vitrolife has a unique position at the core of rapid development.

Emerging role in the area of stem cells
Nutrient solutions (media) and advanced disposable instruments such as needles and pipettes for the treatment of human infertility are as already discussed among the main product categories for Vitrolife. However, since a few years back, Vitrolife also has an emerging role as developer of solutions to enable the use and handling of stem cells for therapeutic purposes.
“As solutions connected to the area of stem cells are among our most recent developments, we are very eager to proceed to the next level in this area. We have developed products for extracting and maintaining stem cells, and we are very positive about future developments here”, Magnus Nilsson concludes.