Mån 22 apr / År 42 / Nr 1 2024

Waste-to-energy developer Usitall to set standards across Europe

Owned by the municipality of Linköping, Sweden, Tekniska Verken adopts an active role in the development of efficient solutions for dealing with an extensive global problem. Focusing primarily on Central and Eastern Europe, subsidiary Usitall develops attractive and cost-efficient waste-to-energy solutions to suit a broad market.

The ever growing landfills present an increasing environmental problem all over the world. Swedish waste-to-energy is at the forefront of modern environmental solutions. Usitall is an independent developer focusing on increasing awareness and distributing knowledge of how the increasing problem of waste management can be solved by implementing efficient waste-to-energy solutions.

One solution to solve two problems
Waste-to-energy facilities are an ideal way of managing two problems with one solution; namely the waste problem, and a significant CO2 reduction. How? A prominent CO2 reduction is achieved as waste is regarded as a local renewable energy source and therefore substitutes the use of fossil fuels. Usitall CEO Mattias Philipsson continues:
“One of the future goals of the European Union is to dramatically decrease the use of landfills around Europe. We have taken an active role as developers of sustainable solutions; Swedish experiences can be applied all over Europe and our core mission is to tailor these solutions to key markets. The economic circumstances differ significantly; as a result we must be responsive and at the same time maintain our role at the forefront of technological advancement”.

Creating attractive projects
Usitall owners Tekniska Verken has over 50 years’ worth of experience in developing efficient and environmentally friendly solutions for waste management. This knowledge is now distributed throughout Central and Eastern Europe, where the problems of ever growing landfills are evident.
“The market has failed to establish sufficient waste-to-energy capacity in Europe. What we offer as an independent developer is a fast and safe route for the municipalities to sustainable waste-to-energy solutions where we ensure that the development processes will create attractive projects for industrial partners to acquire at a mature stage”, Mattias Philipsson explains.
Usitall develops the contract structure for a sustainable and profitable waste-to-energy venture for all part-takers including energy purchasers, waste suppliers and investors. This includes preparation work, design, securing of hardware supplier and securing of finance for the future plant.
A municipal player attracting private investments? Yes, it is possible, as proven by Usitall.

Usitall at a glance
Usitall is the first specialized waste-to-energy developer in the world. The concept has been influenced by the initiatives of other environmental players such as for example wind park developers. Tekniska Verken established Usitall in 2008. It has taken less than three years to build up an efficient organisation now maintaining an active role in the development of waste-to-energy solutions throughout Central and Eastern Europe.