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Wastec – small player achieving great success world-wide

Wastec AB made extensive investments during the recession, unlike most other suppliers in the automotive industry. As large players are back in the field and investments are starting to flourish again, Wastec defends a prime position as a total supplier of mobile waste management solutions. The company also invests heavily in markets outside of Sweden.

Wastec was established in 1993. A strong dedication has focused Wastec to build up the business to represent both a specific range and diversity of products. Today, Wastec is a technically and qualitatively distinguished supplier to the automotive industry.

From subcontractor to developer
Wastec’s strong growth process has partly been granted through well-structured decisions during the recession. Wastec decided to tone down the activities in the business area of subcontracting and instead focus on their own products, which proved to be a sound decision.
Wastec develops, manufactures and supplies equipment for efficient waste management. It is all about customized solutions in which Wastec produces both stationary and mobile solutions. Compactors, Containers, marshalling equipment for handling containers and bin lifters, transfer stations, are examples of products in Wastec’s expansive range. In collaboration with partners, Wastec can also offer solutions for full-scale sorting of materials.

Engaging with international partners
In 2009, Wastec emerged into a major project using funding from the National Enterprise Growth Department (Nutek). The project was aimed primarily at strengthening the company’s position within the automotive industry, initially by strengthening the organization’s skills, engaging with international partners, and adapting the products to an international market.
“We believe that the project had a very good outcome; we exceeded goals and objectives”, Lars Jansson, Marketing Manager, explains.
Wastec successfully established contact with potential customers throughout the Nordic and Baltic countries, Russia and Spain. The next goal is to emerge into Poland and France. Lars Jansson further explains that Wastec also will appear at a major event in Spain, more precisely an exhibition where Wastec will showcase the company’s expertise and extensive product range.

Increasing global interest
An increased global interest in recycling places a higher demand on Wastec’s products. The next step will therefore be to strengthen the workforce. Throughout 2011, the company is looking to recruit automation engineers, designers and assembly staff, for example.
“Waste management is an important issue worldwide. Recycling is a key part of today’s modern waste management, which seeks to create new value in used and discarded products as much as possible. We develop and deliver our own cost-effective solutions. We are now aiming at a development in which we will come to deliver a full-service, all-comprehensive recycling depot. We have already received several requests regarding the construction of a full-size facility”, Lars Jansson clarifies.
Lars Jansson continues by describing Wastec as “the small company achieving great success in the world with increasing exporting figures”.
Wastec has devoted time and resources in the tailoring of products for each market and target audience. The export share is about 70 percent, and continues to increase. Lars adds that he believes in a strong increase in turnover, perhaps up to 30 percent this year, underlining the company’s continued positive development.
“We are always on the look-out for partners in new regions in order to establish our range in new markets”, Lars Jansson concludes.