Mån 6 dec / År 39 / Nr 4 2021

Where do you find a full-service contract manufacturer with state-of-the-art facilities?

The answer is Matfors, just outside of Sundsvall, Sweden. Unitech Pharma has an interesting history, not only is the company built up by 20 years of experience in bioproduction, Unitech Pharma also represents an internationally recognised know-how – yet again we are referring to Swedish research at the frontline of the global biotech and pharmaceutical industry.

Like most innovations within the life science field, the original foundations for Unitech Pharma started out as small-scale trial productions. Today, Unitech Pharma is a full-service contract manufacturer of products used in clinical trials and for commercial sale.

Combined capabilities
“We have a long list of biotech companies founded in Sweden; eventually they are sold on to global giants and thus headquartered elsewhere. We are striving to develop Unitech Pharma by leverage the Swedish biotech knowledge and innovations”, states Björn Sjöstrand, CEO.
By combining capabilities in Matfors with an experienced development team in Stockholm, Unitech Pharma can offer full-service solutions for pharmaceutical manufacturing including process development.
“Our clients within the pharmaceutical area are initially looking for a partner able to handle full-scale scenarios, covering anything from process development to commercial production. By investing in our new, flexible by design facility, we not only meet their demands but also exceed their expectations”.

Full-service provider with a broad client base
The manufacturing facilities in Matfors have been extended to cover a wider range of production capabilities. By working closely with local and municipally owned development promoters SKIFU, Unitech Pharma can offer a full-range manufacturing facility at global biotech and pharmaceutical companies’ service.
The new facility, approved and taken into operation in January 2009, provides for sterile production of medicines in accordance with European regulations. This state-of-the-art facility is approved by the Swedish Medical Products Agency and is also one of Europe’s most modern, enabling for completely sterile filling and packing of pharmaceutical products.
“We have a broad client base with everything from multinational pharmaceutical companies to small- and medium sized biotech developers, as we in addition to the fill and finish facility handle fermentation and purification for bio production”, Sjöstrand concludes.