Sön 4 jun / År 41 / Nr 1 2023

Where ground-breaking discoveries reach their full potential

The new laboratory facilities at Sahlgrenska Science Park will promote functional development and a stronger cooperation between in-house companies and partners. Ground-breaking discoveries will reach their full potential at Sahlgrenska Science Park, a platform providing full-scale testing and development facilities and in addition a creative environment promoting collaboration over boundaries.

The Gothenburg region maintains a strong and above all expanding life science cluster. Swedish innovations are often at the core of global development, Sahlgrenska Science Park aims to strengthen innovations within the broad field of life science, primarily focusing on the Gothenburg region and the south-west parts of Sweden.

New drug to treat alcoholism
Over 40 companies are actively developing innovations and highly contributing to the growth of the regional expertise within life science at Sahlgrenska Science Park. The companies illustrate a healthy multitude of operators; involving anything from biotechnology developers to service providers within medical technology applications.
“There are several examples of very lucrative innovations resulting in patents and even commercial products in our portfolio. Recently, we have provided dedicated support in order to evaluate, verify and promote Professor Suzanne Dickson’s innovation and also assisting in the process of setting up her company Abunon”, Business Developer Göran Leonardsson reveals.
The activities of Abunon are based on previous research on the substance ghrelin and its effect on the brain. Together with Professor Jörgen Engel and his research team, Suzanne Dickson’s group have been able to show that mice receiving ghrelin will increase their alcohol consumption and that the addictive effect is reduced if the ghrelin hormone is blocked.
“The aim is to develop a drug used in the treatment of alcohol addiction, and Dickson’s team has already ventured far into the process. Hopefully new drugs based on the discovery by Dickson will reach commercialization in the future”, Leonardsson continues.

Catering for larger companies
New laboratory facilities, specifically tailored for testing and verifying innovations within microbiology, are now available at Sahlgrenska Science Park.
The core aim of Sahlgrenska Science Park is to develop Swedish innovations and thus contributing to regional growth. Newly-founded companies as well as established players are welcome, the expertise at the Park is available free of charge for anyone who entertains a viable idea or innovation within the stated area of proficiency.
The new laboratory facilities of 750 m2 provide for a range of possibilities in functional development. The next step will be to extend office and administration space, in order to meet the needs of larger companies.

Sahlgrenska Science Park – for regional growth!
Sahlgrenska Science Park is a platform for collaboration and development within the vast life science area. Sahlgrenska Science Park is developed with financial support from Business Region Göteborg, Region Västra Götaland, University of Gothenburg and Chalmers University of Technology, and hosted by national academic property developer Akademiska hus.