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World Courier meets ever-increasing demands in specialty logistics

The market leader in specialty logistics for global clinical trials, World Courier, delivers fully-integrated GxP-compliant temperature-controlled transport, storage and distribution solutions worldwide. Working with pharmaceutical companies for over thirty years as an integrated partner in over 10,000 clinical studies to date, has given the company the necessary expertise and knowledge required to ensure the best possible service in any biopharmaceutical project.

Increasing patient safety is a primary long-term goal in any pharmaceutical development project. With ever-increasing demands and new regulations regarding the handling, transportation and storage of everything from new drugs to biological samples, the pharmaceutical/biopharmaceutical industry is under constant pressure to deliver according to drug specific parameters, and compliance with the regulatory requirements.

The World Courier solution
World Courier, being an integrated and reliable partner throughout the entire development chain, can assist in the process of obtaining and maintaining best practice throughout all aspects of the entire development process. The company’s expertise ranges from fundamental research and identification of possible drug targets to the introduction of new pharmaceuticals on the global market.
New guidelines in biopharmaceutical development particularly place a stronger focus on the transportation and correct handling of biological materials. This includes monitoring, packaging, assessing possible risks in transportation and controlling the overall environmental impact.
“To meet industrial requirements we must ensure that we opt for the best possible solution, in every aspect, every day, and in every project. We select the most appropriate mode of transport, which may be a temperature controlled vehicle, or the best flight-out, not necessarily the next flight-out. Time is very important, but temperature, security and best practice are equally important”, says Kenneth Skovgaard, Country Manager, World Courier Denmark.

Meeting and exceeding requirements
World Courier has extensive global policies and SOPs covering not only the legal requirements of transport, storage and distribution solutions, but also the significantly tougher requirements of the industry.
“Our GxP Policy is tightly linked to global regulatory needs, and takes into account all the relevant aspects of Good Distribution Practice (GDP), Good Storage Practice (GSP), Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) and Good Clinical Practice (GCP). World Courier follows all requirements of the guidelines and regulations”, Kenneth Skovgaard continues.
All suppliers and partners working with World Courier must therefore comply with the GxP requirements. In addition, World Courier is always investigating new solutions to manage risk throughout the transport and distribution chain. As Kenneth confirms:
“Our main strengths are that we are fully GxP compliant, we have all the knowledge and expertise required to handle even the most complex logistics gathered in our own organisation and the ability to deal flexibly with the challenges of an expanding world”.
Thanks to their wide geographical distribution network, World Courier can help customers deal with new partners anywhere in the world.