Fre 27 maj / År 40 / Nr 1 2022

Young software provider strengthens ICT in healthcare

Mawell is a fast-growing Scandinavian company operating primarily on the Northern European market, focusing on innovation and development of cutting-edge technology enhancing the use of information and communication technology (ICT) in healthcare.

Mawell was founded in 2001 as a spin-off from the Nokia healthcare initiative. In less than a decade, Mawell has established a strong position as a leading Northern European software developer, providing over 350 customers in Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, the UK and the Netherlands with user-friendly software aimed at healthcare and welfare professionals.

The products and related services rely on the expertise within diagnostic processes and SOA motivated technology and the overall ambition is to become a market leader within Virtual Patient Informatics (VPI) in selected geographical areas.

Substantial investments in research and development activities
Heathcare and patient informatics, information management – involving imaging and clinical data, and e-health, are some prime areas of interest within the Mawell group. “A large part of our activities are dedicated to improving methods for sharing and extracting patient images through streaming technology. The system enables health providers to extract imagines directly at the source, a most user-friendly and cost-efficient solution which does not require a large start-up investment”, says Ulf Hertin, Region Director.
Mawell dedicates around 15 – 17 per cent of the annual turnover to research and development, primarily in the field of Virtual Patient Informatics. With a large project portfolio Mawell conducts research spanning from work practice studies of the effects of ICT to the use and development of technical standards.

Future challenges, development, e-health
More flexible routines are sought after within health care systems all over Scandinavia and Northern Europe. Mawell has developed a call-centre based e-health service on behalf of the Uppsala region. “This service has two important functionalities; patients can contact us with questions regarding their health, and via the call-centre service we also contact patients referring to past treatments in close collaboration with care providers in our region”, explains Hertin. “The idea is to create better practices and to support the regional health care system, offering a more efficient service to patients and at the same time saving time and resources for health care providers”, he concludes.

Mawell in short
Mawell is a fast growing company operating over boundaries through three business areas: Consulting and services, Software solutions and Care solutions. Founded in 2001, Mawell is a young and ambitious player offering cutting-edge software solutions to health care and welfare organisations in the Northern Europe area. Mawell has around 120 employees and an annual turnover of around 210 million SEK.