Mån 4 mar / År 42 / Nr 5 2023

High demand on pinewood from northern Sweden

Pinewood has long been a much-appreciated material around the world. It is especially suitable for interior details, windows, doors, floors, wall panels and furniture, but even decking for outdoor use is made of pressure-impregnated or heat-treated pinewood. Both Swedish and international demand for pinewood has increased during the pandemic.

The United Kingdom and Europe are still the largest markets for Jutos Timber in terms of volume, but the Nordic market is increasing significantly.

Jutos Timber processes and delivers large quantities of refined and processed pinewood annually. Historically, it has mainly been to markets outside Sweden, with the United Kingdom as the single largest market, but in recent years there has been a much greater demand closer to home as well.

Although the United Kingdom and Europe are still the largest markets for Jutos Timber in terms of volume, the Nordic and not least the Swedish market is increasing significantly. The demand in the immediate area, that is Norrbotten county, is likely to increase significantly in the near future as the construction of prefabricated apartment buildings, villas and holiday homes is likely to increase in line with market demand.

Stable and strong partner

Recently, Jutos Timber acquired colleague and neighbouring company Krekula & Lauri’s Mill in Tärendö, also located in Pajala municipality. Krekula & Lauri’s is a local sawmill which, like Jutos Timber, has been run as a family business for several generations.

The operations in Tärendö will be conducted under the name Jutos Timber Nord AB and goods from both facilities will be marketed jointly under one and the same brand, Jutos Timber, now with doubled volume and an extended processing offer.

“The acquisition has been made with the aim of strengthening the competitiveness of our two sawmills both internationally and at our local market. The acquisition also means that we can improve the conditions for us to be at the forefront and meet future challenges with a higher level of digitization, skills supply, sustainability, environmental and raw material related issues and not least to secure and develop jobs within the municipality by increasing our level of wood processing”, says Anette Jönsson, CEO and marketing manager at Jutos Timber.

Delivers sustainable materials

Jutos Timber currently only works with the densely grown northern pine of the highest quality, and the number of uses is constantly increasing for pinewood as sustainable material. The pine originates solely from the local area and is processed in one of the Nordic region’s most modern sawmills, located in the small community of Teurajärvi in Pajala, and now also in Sweden’s northernmost sawmill to date in the village of Tärendö.

“We work long-term and process the timber here in the woodland where the pine grows, and in this way we save a lot on transports and protect the environment as we only transport refined pinewood from our mills to the coast where the material leaves for its final destination”, explains Anette Jönsson.

The enormous development that is taking place in northern Sweden will open up completely new opportunities for everyone involved in housing development. Special focus will probably end up on sustainable wooden buildings, the Swedish power of innovation needs to be developed and wooden construction is a good place to start.

“There is a great need to build homes in Sweden and at the same time there are a large number of players in our region who are building sustainable wooden homes. We offer sustainable material that is available to everyone who wants to develop the housing market on a large scale, but also to the small contractor who builds a number of villas per year and who operates locally here in Norrbotten”, says Anette Jönsson, and continues:

“We cherish new innovations and new technology, which is also noticeable at our production sites. We have access to the latest technology for sorting and processing timber. We have an efficient facility with a high degree of automation. We will continue to invest heavily in technology, and we will also recruit new skills as part of that”.

At Jutos Timber, there are good development opportunities for anyone who want to be involved in building a sustainable society based on environmentally friendly and sustainable pinewood from Norrland. In addition, you get to work with the latest technology in the sawmill industry. In other words, it is a very exciting workplace with many interesting tasks.