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A winning team for In Vivo Research Services

Based in Medicon Village, IVRS (In Vivo Research Services) is a preclinical CRO which provides innovating drug validation studies both in vitro and in vivo allowing to accelerate the drug development process for unmet needs related to severe human diseases.

Ramin Massoumi, CEO, IVRS.

IVRS specialises in providing 3D-images with the aim to characterise disease progression; follow the therapeutic effect throughout the complete experimental time frame; the circulation and spreading of candidate drug in the whole body and targeted organs, as well as monitor pharmacokinetic/pharmacodynamic of probe distribution in vivo.

Which imaging technology is needed?

An important question to IVRS is; which imaging technology is needed to accelerate the preclinical phase into clinical? IVRS CEO Ramin Massoumi explains:

“Our mission is to bridge the gap between preclinical and clinical studies. We make it possible to follow disease progression and treatment over time by offering whole body imaging 3D. In addition, our technology saves time and resources in any preclinical studies and data collection, as each step of the disease progression is being closely monitored by visual effect”.

3D body imaging

IVRS’ expertise enables the team to provide services within: Disease models, Diagnostics, and Treatments. The platform provided by IVRS help guide decision making for clinical development stage by performing visual and quantitative studies as well as the inhibitory effect of potential therapeutic effects in living animals.

Using the most advanced and sensitive instrument on the world market, IVRS can provide in vivo optical imaging of cells, antibodies, small molecules and nanoparticles to assist studies for their clients.

With body imaging in 3D, IVRS can offer clients the opportunity to explore further the effects of treatment in controlled preclinical settings as well as allowing clients to save time by collecting data at each step of the experiment whilst reducing the cost by monitoring the same animal. It also allows them to follow the disease progression in real time from the start and identify the critical time in vivo.

Presence in Medicon Village

With a presence in Medicon Village as well as being a member of Science Exchange and scientist.com, and selected as the industrial winner of 2022 within Life Science companies in Sweden, IVRS continues to create and look for business opportunities with R&D organisations who have an immediate need for advanced imaging services in vivo.