Tis 9 aug / År 40 / Nr 3 2022

Prevas saves lives and improves quality of life

Prevas is a development hub with ingenuity at its core. With high technical expertise and deep business understanding, they help customers to benefit through continuous technological innovation. Their focus on life science encompasses medical devices, diagnostics instruments, biotech, health applications and the pharmaceutical industry.

Robert Tönhardt, Life Science Director at Prevas

Global demand for new medicine and medical technology continues to grow. More and more people are feeling better, we have an older and healthier population at the same time as we are seeing more ill-health due to diseases of affluence and longer active lives.

Area of strong demand

There is a major need for investments in innovation and digitalisation in healthcare. Add to that, changes in regulatory requirements and the need for consultation services, and we have an area with very strong demand where Prevas is well positioned.

Prevas has ISO13485 certified regions, has almost 200 life science clients, and works for small startups to the truly big global companies. With their extensive experience, references, quality systems and certifications as well as reusable components and frameworks, they rarely start from scratch.

To meet the growing demand, Prevas is expanding in several locations such as Uppsala, Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmö, as well as in other countries, in locations such as Copenhagen.

Customised quality system for apps

Prevas Life Science Director Robert Tönhardt explains that “the growth in life science-oriented apps is enormous, and this in turn has led Prevas to develop a customised streamlined quality system for new companies that develop apps”. This makes it much quicker for small customers to get a quality system in place.

Prevas is currently also investing in increased capacity in Regulatory Affairs and Quality Assurance within medical technology and life science.  There is great shortage when it comes to regulatory and therefore Prevas is building an academy for schooling new experts within the regulatory affairs.

Other aspects such as post-pandemic effects, transport problems and difficulties with raw materials and various goods, including semiconductor components, creates challenges and an overall need for new solutions. “For example during design, the lead-time of components is constantly being evaluated”, Robert Tönhardt clarifies.

Hello future

“With a strong start in 2022, we are looking to the future. Prevas will steadily strengthen the company with a focus on creating value for customers and further improving an already attractive workplace,” says Johan Strid, CEO at Prevas.