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The Peritus Clinic offers the fastest treatment for prostate cancer

The Peritus Clinic is located in Lund, to be more precise, on Scheelevägen 8, adjacent to the Medicon Village science park. Patients with different kinds of prostate diseases are welcomed to a modern, world-class hospital with four operating theaters, one of which is equipped with the latest DaVinci robotic surgery platform.

Åsa Dahm, CEO of the Peritus Clinic demonstrates the new Da Vinci robotic surgery platform.

Peritus’ goal is to establish a clinic at the forefront that gathers highly specialised staff with cutting-edge medical expertise and include training and research under one roof. By running clinical operations, training and research at one place they aim to keep up to date with accelerated clinical development.

Focus on prostate cancer

The clinic’s focus on prostate cancer patients is due to the aspirations of it’s founder, Per-Anders Abrahamsson, who decided to create a world-class clinic that could support public healthcare in system with diagnosing and treating urology patients. 

After a successful professional career as leading urology specialist, head of clinic, Secretary General EAU and globe-trotting urology ambassador, professor Per-Anders Abrahamsson began looking at solution to reduce critical waiting times in urology treatment and diagnosis. His goal was to start a surgical cancer clinic with the ambition to offer care without queuing.

“In cancer every delay is of evil. Patients’ health deteriorates in the care queue and the disease may go from curable to difficult to treat and even incurable. Of course, the socio-economic consequences of protracted wait in care queues are considerable. Peritus Clinic has the resources and skills to collaborate with the public health care units and together with them secure that the patients get the correct treatment as soon as possible”, says Åsa Dahm, CEO of the Peritus Clinic.

Peritus work to reduce waiting times so that patients can be treated within two weeks of a diagnosis with elevated PSA, with specialised support all under one roof.

Open to more collaborations

Before deciding which treatment is appropriate, the clinic always performs a thorough examination, primarily to rule out prostate cancer. Their specialists have access to the latest diagnostic technologies and all test results are provided within a few days.

The Peritus Clinic is the only private hospital in Sweden that offers a positron emission tomography (PET) scan in the diagnosis of advanced prostate cancer.

“The clinic is a state-of-the-art hospital with available capacity to treat more patients. We are looking forward to new collaborations in the near future, with at least one or two county hospitals across Sweden. What we have to offer is high quality health care for prostate patients, and from the patient’s organisations I personally know that the need is great”, says Åsa Dahm.