Fre 14 jun / År 42 / Nr 4 2023

Haeger&Carlsson Executive Search is expanding in Medicon Valley

Haeger & Carlsson has 25 years’ experience of recruitment within Life Science, dating back to 1997 and their vision is to be the leading recruitment company within Life Science in the Nordic region. Haeger & Carlsson sees a huge potential in Medicon Valley and is now opening an office in Copenhagen in addition to the office in Medicon Village, Lund.

Rolf Carlsson, CEO

Recruitment is a major investment in all companies and industries. In Life Science, it often becomes specifically clear, especially since there is a very high demand for experienced candidates that can make a difference for the company

Why you need professional recruitment

Many companies use professional help with recruitment since they want to focus on their business while using experts in the recruitment process. These companies want to ensure that they have access to candidates with the right profile in terms of experience and knowledge, but also that the prospective employee shares the company's culture, values and objectives.

”We have a developed a quality-assured process for searching, identifying, selecting, interviewing and verifying competence in Life Science”, says  Håkan Peterson at Haeger & Carlsson.

The recruitment work is time-consuming and always means an extra burden for the organisation. This, combined with the fact that Haeger & Carlsson can deliver a quality-assured recruitment service, makes it clear that this is a very appealing option

Håkan says: “What is unique about our business is that we are completely focused on Life Science and with core competence within Executive Search, Specialists and Interim services We have extensive experience from the industry, and everyone who works here at the company has themselves held leading positions in the Life Science industry”.

By creating a team that has worked within Life Science and has insight into what is required, Haeger & Carlsson are able to understand what challenges the customer faces and what strategies need to be synced to create growth.

The recruitment process

Haeger & Carlsson applies a competency-based recruitment process and invests a lot of resources in evaluating the candidates. In addition to competence, there must also be compatibility between the candidate and the company’s culture, values, ​​and existing teams.

“Our candidate selection process is very thorough and follows a successful and well-proven method which means that we have a very high level of accuracy when it comes to delivering the right candidates to our customers. In some assignments, it can be difficult to find the right candidate and we then have to broaden the selection and look over larger geographical areas. It is common for us to search for candidates throughout the Nordics”, Håkan explains.

Medicon Valley is a good example of a living cluster that creates dynamics between countries. We find Danish candidates for Swedish clients as well as Swedish candidates for Danish clients.

Expanding with offices both in Copenhagen and Lund

Håkan Peterson is responsible for the operations in Medicon Valley. Haeger & Carlsson was established in Lund two years ago and has in a very short time managed to build strong collaborations with companies in the region, both in Sweden and Denmark. We are very happy to announce that we are now also opening an office in Copenhagen in to serve our Danish clients and candidates even better.

Growing interim division

In addition to the recruitment assignment, Haeger & Carlsson also has a growing interim division with consultants in many different professions within Life Science.

The consultants are carefully selected and tailored to the customer´s need of competence and experience for each specific assignment. Haeger & Carlsson offers consultant solutions on a long- or short-term basis, full time or part time and are working closely with the customer throughout the whole assignment.