Fre 14 jun / År 42 / Nr 4 2023

Life science in southern Sweden on the rise as Medicon Village celebrates 10 years

Investments in research infrastructure, the innovation support system and academic research have contributed to life science in Skåne experiencing an upswing, with a large number of new companies, new jobs and increased internationalization as a result. Since its inception 10 years ago, Medicon Village has played an important role in this by offering a unique environment for progress and growth with the entire health chain represented, from prevention and diagnostics to treatment and care.

In recent years, Sweden has strengthened its position as a leading life science nation. The pandemic has contributed to raising awareness among both the general public and decision-makers about how important the sector is for the Swedish economy, and for meeting the global health challenges. This development also applies to the highest degree to Skåne.
According to Petter Hartman, CEO of Medicon Village Innovation, the success can be explained by a long tradition of public-private partnerships, strong academic environments and a deep-rooted entrepreneurial spirit.
– In Skåne, we have the ability to turn crisis into opportunities, something that Medicon Village is an excellent example of. We have all the ingredients needed to create a life science region of the highest international class, where proximity to Copenhagen is important for our international positioning.
Catalyst for life science
The mix of researchers, entrepreneurs and clinics at Medicon Village creates an unique environment for knowledge exchange and business opportunities. The research park has been developed into an obvious gathering place for southern Swedish life science, where actors such as the SmiLe incubator refine startups into scaleups that generate new jobs and tax revenues.
A basic idea from the start has been to give small companies the benefits of large ones, and to contribute to academic research through donations. Over the years, foundations behind Medicon Village such as "Mats Paulsson's foundation for research, innovation and community building" have reinvested SEK 140 million in donations to research at universities in the region.
Collaboration key to success
Petter Hartman highlights the supply of skills, increased internationalization and access to capital as important issues to act on in the future.
– We must work together if we are to be able to offer solutions and build on our positive development spiral. A strong sector shift also creates a potential to increase the interaction and synergies between the life science sector and other Skåne strengths, such as food and IT industry.
According to Petter Hartman, this will open up new opportunities for Skåne in the years to come.
– At Medicon Village, we want to take an active role in strengthening the Skåne life science sector also in the future. We welcome everyone who wants to contribute to creating future solutions to our common health challenges. For people's better health and life.