Ons 22 maj / År 42 / Nr 4 2023

Intensified efforts at Øresunddirekt

Øresunddirekt is a comprehensive advisory service and virtual meeting point where professionals and companies can obtain information crucial for them to work, set up business and expand in both Sweden and Denmark.

Malin Dahl, Head of Office at Øresunddirekt in Malmö

The aim of Øresunddirekt is to bridge the gap between citizens, businesses, and authorities on both sides of the Oresund strait. This is done by providing an accessible platform for information gathering, sharing and updating. The geographical distance across the strait is minimal, but the operational distance may be perceived as great if the right information has not been provided. Needless to say, the work at Øresunddirekt intensified over the past two years.

What happened over the past two years?

A lot of companies have been running at half speed during the past two years, but the need to make everyday life work remained, nonetheless.

“There has been intensive work for us here at Øresunddirekt from day one and all through the pandemic, not least considering the extensive responsibility for informing companies, employees, and the public of the ever-changing restrictions of travel”, explains Malin Dahl, Head of Office at Øresunddirekt in Malmö.

For some time now the restrictions have been scrapped on both sides of the Oresund strait. This means that the market has opened, and that in turn comes with a tremendous need for manpower. Although the borders in the Oresund region have been open to commuters throughout the pandemic, there has still been some challenges when it comes to other business travel, such as client and partner meetings and so forth.

“It looks as if the market is coming alive and with that all sectors are looking to recruit at once”, Malin Dahl continues. “Companies are open for business as usual and the need for business travel is also increasing rapidly. Our role is not to create job opportunities but to inform of where they can be found, how being employed across borders works and which common pitfalls to look out for when accepting a job across the Oresund strait, whether it be in on the Danish or the Swedish side”.

What about life science in the Oresund region?

Øresunddirekt is essentially an information platform for all types of businesses and industries. Considering the large number of life science companies in the Oresund region, it is essential to have a good and solid guide in place for them.

“In the life science industry, transnational teams are often required, and they are more often than not found somewhere across the strait. To make their journey across as smooth as possible, we are here to provide the contacts and information they need to set up both home and business cross the strait”, says Malin Dahl.  

Interestingly, Øresunddirekt is not just a resource for professionals, but for businesses as well. The key activities include supporting information in setting up a new business, information regarding employment and recruiting professionals across country boundaries, and marketing activities supporting local Oresund collaborations.

Other activities of great importance are events and meetings on attracting and recruiting staff. The need to fill a competence shortage is becoming more and more evident throughout most Danish and Swedish industries, and the life science cluster of Medicon Valley is not excluded from this challenge. Here, the role of Øresunddirekt is evident and its efforts intensified to meet market demand.