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Objective and professional process for a sustainable recruitment

Agardh Consulting is a recognised partner when it comes to recruitment and HR-related assignments in Lund and Medicon Valley. The company was established six years ago, but founder and owner Pernilla Agardh has over 20 years of experience from the life science industry.

Pernilla Agardh has extensive experience of recruiting for both large and small companies

“I have always maintained a great interest in working with people. Since I have worked in the pharmaceutical industry for so long, it seems only natural that I should invest in this industry. I know the challenges and pitfalls; I am familiar with the extensive regulations and the overall process of taking pharmaceuticals and medical devices from the laboratory to the market”, says Pernilla Agardh.

Nothing is left to chance

There are almost as many different roles in the life science industry as there are people. As the industry is so extensive and growing rapidly, new roles and titles are being added all the time. With that, comes an increased demand to recruit new and often scarce competence.

To first analyse the need and set up a requirement profile are tasks that take a long time and also requires extensive experience. For many small and medium-sized life science companies, they lack that experience. It is also a good idea for larger companies with many ongoing recruitments to get professional help and advice in the process.

“There is a great deal of risk involved in recruiting people. Many companies prefer to take care of the recruitment process by themselves, perhaps to save time or money. To make it easy they perhaps hire a person they already know from the academia or industry. But then the recruitment is not objective”, states Pernilla.

“We perform a completely objective selection where candidates with the right experience, skills and competences will undergo a skills-based interview, as well as personality tests and finally providing proof of their suitability for both the role and tasks”.

Pernilla is careful to point out that there is no room to leave anything to chance. An incorrect recruitment can have devastating consequences. It becomes more evident, and the damage tends to be greater the smaller the company is. To be able to provide objective and professional services Pernilla decided in an early phase to become one of few, by DNV, Certified Recruiters to ensure a solid, diversified and consistent process without prejudices.

Get help in building stronger teams

Pernilla Agardh has extensive experience of recruiting for both large and small companies. She has even been involved in and appointed the first employee in several start-up companies.

“For me, finding the perfect match with the help of a consistent requirement profile is as important as the candidate’s suitability based on personality. Therefore, I’m also accredited in  Belbin’s team roles; to help companies in building stronger teams. In addition to recruitment services, team-strengthening services are also a part of the comprehensive offer that we have at Agardh Consulting”.

At present, Agardh Consulting focuses mainly on Medicon Valley and the companies in this region. At Medicon Village alone, there are around 350 companies established. This is a customer base that provides plenty of growth for a small recruitment agency.