Sön 14 jul / År 42 / Nr 3 2024

Medeon Science Park continues its journey of expansion

Medeon Science Park has a strong focus on the expansion that began over 18 months ago, and which now enables new establishments in the park. After a number of stages of new construction and remodelling, there is now space available for the successful growing companies expanding in the park, but also for completely new establishments.

A stimulating business climate with an ideal location offers adapted premises with the opportunity to build close collaboration – this is Medeon Science Park in a nutshell. With healthcare and universities as well as strong incubator and network functions, Medeon Science Park is the place to be for any forward-striving player in Life Science.

Medeon Science ParkCEO, Ulf G Andersson, talks of “another important task in 2022 [which] will be to develop our networks. Medeon is driving many different professional networks for collaboration in Life Science, both of a regional and national nature”.

Dent2Health startup

Three examples of networks that Medeon has created and has been running for a long time are Diabetes Samverkan Sverige (National Diabetes Alliance), Pharma Development Group and Nanomed North. For 2022, the launch of a completely new initiative for Medeon, Dent2Health, is underway.

Medeon wants to initiate the development of an oral/medical center in Malmö to allow them to investigate, among other things, whether one could implement saliva testing at the dentist’s to detect pre-stages of diabetes. This would mean greater benefits for both patients and healthcare as the earlier the disease is detected, the greater the chance to counteract the development of it with lifestyle changes.

Life Science Malmö

Medeon is developing a hub for Malmö’s Life science companies with the aim to strengthen Medeon’s reputation and bring all Life Science companies together in a community to promote the exchange of experience.

Ulf notes, “with Life Science Malmö we want to broaden the catchment area and also include larger and more mature companies in the region. Medeon will be an interface between the companies in Life Science in Malmö and what we want to build with this initiative is a tailor-made exchange of experience between different stakeholders, including companies, universities, healthcare and the community.”

Rent a laboratory place

Another important investment that Medeon will make in 2022 is the opening of its own laboratory with lettable places, Medeon Labs. Here, smaller companies can rent a laboratory place for shorter or longer periods. There is a great need among smaller companies that do not have the resources to equip their own laboratories.

Unique set of conditions

Medeon Science Park has a completely unique set of conditions for creating growth in the region. The park is located less than one kilometre from Skåne University Hospital, Clinical Research Center and Lund University’s diabetes center. Today, Medeon houses about 60 companies and attracts more and more companies, including start ups to the Incubator.

The growth in the Science Park is good and new buildings are planned that will give the area a continued attractive profile and atmosphere. In total, more than 100,000 sqm are reserved for activities in the life science area.