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Very promising clinical results in new treatment of varicose veins

Established in 2013 by Dr Michael Åkesson, the company MedVasc was created to help his pursuit on improving the procedure of minimally invasive treatment in the condition of varicose vein. Michael has a long experience in developing and testing new catheters for endovascular techniques.

Dr Michael Åkesson

The earning potential of Solutio (which was patented in 2015) paved the way for additional investment and created the company MedVasc AB.

With a vision to launch a market-winning product that improves patients’ well-being and shorten the treatment procedure, MedVasc aims to make its product Solutio the standard treatment for anaesthesia in varicose vein treatment.

How does it work?

MedVasc introduces an innovative treatment procedure with only one cut through the patient’s skin and a single catheter introduced into their vein. It encloses both a laser fibre (or electrode in RFA) and an anaesthetic needle. Solutio operates the needle and punctures the vein wall to numb the surrounding tissue. Then, the ablation is performed on the anesthetized section. Anaesthesia will be administered from within the vein, eliminating the pain connected with the standard injections from the surface of the skin.

The surgery time is reduced by a half with no need for a special step for tumescent anaesthesia administration. The post-operative care is reduced to less than 15 min, so the overall stay at the clinic should not be longer than 1.5 h. In addition, the need for health care personnel monitoring the sedation will be reduced.

Promising results

Back in April 2020, MedVasc AB reported promising results from an initial clinical study in which patients with varicose veins were treated with the Solutio catheter. All patients in the study reported that pain was minimal, and the Solutio catheter was shown to be safe and effective without complications. 

Whilst around 30 per cent of the population suffer from varicose veins, only a small number of patients are treated. Laser treatment is the current leading treatment, but this technique is often painful and involving extensive local anaesthesia (sometimes up to 30 injections through the skin along the vein of the leg to be treated).

MedVasc has high hopes the promising clinical results with Solutio will result in treatment of more patients with varicose veins. Using Solutio reduces the painful insertion of the needle through the skin to only one, minimising the patient pain associated with laser treatment.

Michael Åkesson said: “The results from this study are extremely promising and, in the future, the Solutio technique will be able to solve the problem of pain during laser treatment, and the healthcare system will be able to offer patients the best scientifically proven and most effective technique for treatment of varicose veins.”

MedVasc’s product launch plans:

Sales will involve disposable kits delivered directly to treating clinics and doctors. The product launch is planned for late next year, beginning with the US market, followed by China and the EU.