Sön 14 aug / År 40 / Nr 3 2022

New precise cancer treatment to be launched during 2022

Clinical Laserthermia Systems, CLS, is a medical technology company based in Lund that provides precise tools for image-guided laser-mediated thermal ablations. Thermal ablation is used for treatment and removal of diseased or abnormal soft tissues, such as malignant tumours (cancer) or epileptogenic foci.

CLS second generation products are now launched on the urology market in Europe and USA.

Founded in 2006 by Professor Karl-Göran Tranberg, Pär Henriksson and Lars-Erik Eriksson, CLS has spent the last 15 years developing a commercial product based on Professor Tranberg’s discovery that will be used by doctors to treat cancer worldwide.

In addition to using laser ablation for local removal of tissue, Tranberg showed in his scientific research how precise laser-mediated “low temperature-long time” thermal ablation (imILT), of cancer cells, triggered the immune system to track and kill cancer cells throughout the body, the so called abscopal effect.

After completing the first prototype in 2010, a collaboration was established between CLS and AFT, a German laser fibre supplier, as well the Spanish development and production partner INTERmedic.

The foundation: TRANBERG® | Thermal Therapy System

Image guided focal laser ablation is an effective way to destruct benign and malignant tumours and other diseased tissue in a minimally-invasive setting. The TRANBERG® Thermal Therapy System is based on patented technology and designed to deliver laser energy to the target tissue without the use of major surgery that often is the cause of unwanted complications.

The system includes a desk-top mobile laser unit, with touch screen graphical user interface, non-cooled laser applicators, procedure specific introducer systems and advanced tools for temperature monitoring.

The next step: product launch 2022

CLS second generation products are now launched on the urology market in Europe and USA and are marketed for minimally-invasive tumour removal in patients with localized prostate cancer. In a second step, CLS technology will be launched on the market for neurosurgery for precise removal of tumours and other lesions in the brain. Thebscopal treatment of metastasised cancer comes next.

Skåne University Hospital is right now performing a CLS sponsored study where TRANBERG® Thermal Therapy System is used for treatment of glioblastoma in five patients. The study also includes the neuro navigation system of CLS American partner Clearpoint Neuro Inc.

During 2021, new CEO Dan J. Mogren successfully expanded the organisation to support the increased focus on generating supportive clinical evidence and commercialisation. He has over 30 years of experience from leading positions in business and product development, marketing and sales, as well as 25 years of experience in international marketing of medical devices.

Through 2022, CLS is gradually launching their products as they join up with commercial partners in the prostate field.

“When I look at what we have achieved, I am confident that our new integrated product offerings meet the needs of both physicians and patients and provide potential for significantly increased revenues in coming years”, says Dan Mogren.

CLS’ goal is that tomorrow’s cancer and neurology patients will have access to yet another minimally-invasive treatment option that is safe, effective and gives an improved quality of life.