Ons 24 jul / År 42 / Nr 3 2024

Supporting life science to grow

Medicon Village is a vibrant and dynamic environment with great development potential. After AstraZeneca, there is still a large supply of expertise in the region, and this has led to many start-ups in the area. There is at the same time a continuing need to attract new talent to Medicon Village and that is why PharmaRelations, combining Nordic coverage with local expertise within Life Science, has established its new branch here.

Stefan Lind, leader of the new PharmaRelations hub in Lund

Stefan Lind will lead the establishment and development of the new PharmaRelations hub in Lund. He knows the region and has extensive experience from the pharmaceutical industry after many years of service at AstraZeneca, also including work at the former site in Lund.

“PharmaRelations has had a presence in the region for a long time. The new branch in Lund will be even more accessible and able to meet the region’s needs for support services in life science to a much greater extent in all areas, such as outsourcing of research and development services”, says Stefan Lind.

Crucial partner for growth

PharmaRelations support companies in all areas of life science to grow.

“For us, it is important to be part of the entire development process from day one. We can then be of the greatest benefit to our customers. We consider ourselves to be a crucial partner for growth and by strengthening our presence in Lund we will enhance the opportunity for companies in the area to grow. We can support our clients through all growth phases, from the innovation and development stages to clinical phase”, Stefan Lind explains.

Must constantly attract new talent

To serve clients in the best way, PharmaRelations needs to be the most attractive employer in its field. All innovation-, research- and development-related activities are services that Pharma Relations offer with a long and proven track-record of success.

“We must constantly attract new talent as we are building a long-term focus and a strong team in Lund that will represent several areas within life science. Right now, we are focusing a lot on consulting services and recruitments in the areas of QA, regulatory, pharmacovigilance, and medical development to our branch in Lund. At the same time, within the PharmaRelations Group we have a strong base in all areas of Life Science across the Nordic countries”.

The team in Lund is under construction, but customers can already benefit from the knowledge available in the entire PharmaRelations Group, which today has seven strategic hubs in the Nordic region.

Great Place to Work

PharmaRelations always strives to become better in all areas.

“We want to become the very best version of PharmaRelations. Especially as an employer, as we need to attract many talents to Lund and to Medicon Village. We already have the certification Great Place to Work, but we will continue to work with improvements and strengthen the brand as an employer”.

As close to the market as possible

PharmaRelations aim to be located as close to the market and the customers as possible. The fact that the Group is establishing new hubs is a sign that they are striving for even higher availability and to increase the level of service to customers. Not least in the vibrant environment of Medicon Village.

“The companies in Medicon Village today employ significantly more people than AstraZeneca ever did in Lund. Here, the life science environment is accessible and open to new collaborations. We see it as very favourable to establish a new hub here”, says Stefan Lind.