Fre 1 mar / År 42 / Nr 4 2023

Intelligent Simplicity is the way to go with dental implants

Neoss is a pioneer in complete solutions for dental implants based on a single platform. With a single prosthetic platform, a simplicity of the system is guaranteed, which makes it easier for the dentists to learn, and which dramatically streamlines the work in the clinic. Neoss is now expanding further by strengthening their presence in USA and China.

Dr. Robert Gottlander Chief Executive Officer of Neoss.

Although the Neoss implant system is based on a single prosthetic platform, all types of dental cases can be solved, even the most advanced ones that require several different solutions.

“Now we see that the development of new systems in dental implants is going in this direction as well. You want simpler systems, but which are at the same time so advanced that all forms of dental cases can be solved. It is all about working in a smarter way, and we coined that statement early with our motto Intelligent Simplicity”, Dr Robert Gottlander, Neoss CEO, explains.

Still going strong in Gothenburg

Like all implant systems, Neoss’ system is based on the discovery that Professor Per-Ingvar Brånemark made and which he called osseointegration. Neoss has conducted further research in the field for several decades and has long-term follow-up on the results of using their system.

All product development within Neoss still takes place in Gothenburg, where the head office is also located. All implants are manufactured in Sweden, and that is also something that distinguishes Neoss from competitors today.

“We still live according to Brånemark’s vision and spirit; “No one should die with their teeth in a glass of water”. We want to create dignity for patients and offer good treatments based on simplicity, just like Brånemark did”, says Gottlander.

Taking on the world’s largest markets

The world’s largest markets for dental implants are the USA, Brazil and China. Neoss is now developing its business in two of them, namely in the USA and China.

In 2022, the strategy within Neoss has changed significantly so that the company can develop towards the largest markets. In the USA, a new organisation for sales and marketing has been established. In China, Neoss has recently bought out its distributor to get closer to customers with its own sales channels.

The development continues

For Neoss, Gothenburg is still the global capital for dental implants.

“We will continue to develop our products and our business from Gotheburg. We have launched many novelties over the years, and we continue to refine the range all the time”, Gottlander states.

An example is the development of the NeoScan 1000, a camera that is used to take digital prints of patient’ teeth, instead of manually making impressions using modelling paste. Neoss showcased the NeoScan 1000 during Neoss Integrate 2022, a fair where over 600 dental professionals were gathered in Gothenburg in June 2022.

“There is no doubt in my mind that we will continue to lead the development of smart dental solutions to help dental professionals treat their patients smarter and better, and now also by taking on the world by strengthening our presence in the USA and China”, says Robert Gottlander.