Tor 25 jul / År 42 / Nr 3 2024

Successful start of new business in Gothenburg for Prevas

The Scandinavian consulting company Prevas is expanding its expertise in many areas. Not least within Life Science where Prevas already has a strong focus on development of medtech and pharma. In 2022, Prevas’ offerings in Gothenburg were supplemented by also including the Life Science business. A strategic investment that is growing on a global scale.

Linda Inge, Business Unit Manager for Medtech and Life Science at Prevas.

Gothenburg has the potential to become one of Scandinavia’s most important Life Science clusters. This is largely thanks to the establishment of the GoCo Health Innovation City in Mölndal.

Long track record of development

There is a major need for investments in innovation and digitalisation in healthcare. Add to that, changes in regulatory requirements and the need for consultation services, and we have an area with very strong demand where Prevas is well positioned.

Prevas provides specialist expertise within many areas in Life Science, and even if the Gothenburg office is new, the expertise is not. Prevas has a long track record of developing successful innovations in both medtech and pharma, some to Gothenburg-based companies.

With high technical expertise and deep business understanding, Prevas can help customers to benefit through continuous technological innovation. The development of medical devices, diagnostics instruments, biotech solutions, health applications and new pharmaceutical drugs are some examples of areas that Prevas can assist clients in.

Prevas has ISO13485 certified offices and the customers includesmall startups to the truly big global companies. With their extensive experience, references, quality systems and certifications as well as reusable components and frameworks, Prevas rarely start from scratch.

Building a strong team

Prevas has recently moved all its Gothenburg-based operations to a new, central location in the city.

“Our office is set up in Platinan, a newly built building overlooking part of the marina. The fact that it was Platina that we moved to is because we felt that Vasakronan's goals with environmentally certified properties and their efforts to reduce environmental and climate impact are completely in line with our own sustainability work.o”, says Linda Inge, Business Unit Manager for Medtech and Life Science at Prevas.

Linda Inge will lead the MedTech and Life Science team at Prevas in Gothenburg. She has extensive experience from working within cancer research and has been active in the Life Science industry for over fifteen years. She has held several managing roles and worked with  research, development and regulatory, to name a few areas.

“Lindas years of experience and a genuine knowledge within Life Science, combined with strong leadership skills makes her the perfect manager for our MedTech unit in Gothenburg”, says Ylva Amrén, Regional Manager.

“The aim is to build a strong and competent team that will help customers, in both medtech and pharma, to reach the next level of innovation and digitalisation”, explains Linda Inge.

There is currently a particularly great interest in recruiting consultants with deep knowledge and experience in areas such as Regulatory Affairs and Quality Assurance. This is important not only to the Gothenburg-based office, but to the entire organisation and not least both existing and potential clients.  

Provides support all the way

Prevas is continuously involved in development of complex projects connected to Life Science and improved health. Some examples include the development of the helmet Hövding, as well as the Afinion testsystem for Alere. Other examples include the collaboration with Gradientech and the development of next-generation diagnostics in infectious medicine.

When it comes to advanced technology applied to improve health and save lives, there is almost no limit to what Prevas can provide in terms of expertise, knowledge, development and support all the way from innovation to market launch.

To meet the growing demand, Prevas is expanding in several locations such as Uppsala, Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmö, as well as in other countries, in locations such as Copenhagen. All traditionally strong Life Science environments.