Fre 24 maj / År 42 / Nr 4 2023

Nanofluidic scattering microscopy can accelerate the Life Science industry

A company that is operating at the absolute forefront of technology is the award-winning Envue Technologies. The company is a spin-out based on academic research from Chalmers University of Technology, residing at the Chalmers Ventures Incubator.

Nanofluidic chip, Envue Technologies.

Three researchers in physics have developed a new and completely ground-breaking microscopy-based technology, the so-called nanofluidic scattering microscopy. Together with students from Chalmers school of Entrepreneurship, the physicists took the idea further and the company Envue Technologies was founded in 2020 to commercialise the patent-pending core innovation.

Why use nanofluidic scattering microscopy?

What makes Envue Technologies and its nanofluidic scattering microscopy so special?

“The technology behind nanofluidic scattering microscopy is based on creating the conditions to be able to examine the smallest building blocks in nature, biomolecules, which are so small that you cannot directly see them with conventional microscopes”, says Envue Technologies CEO Ellen Andreasson initially, and explains further:

“In order to look at the tiny biomolecules, a method for staining of the samples is used, but without guarantee that the molecules have been dyed or that they are being studied in their natural state after being exposed to the staining process. With our technology, the biomolecules can be examined without staining and analysed in their natural state just as they are in solution without introduction of biases and modifications”.

Still at an early stage

As of yet, Envue Technologies are still operating at a very early stage.

“We are currently developing our prototype, and at the same time we are exploring the market to identify which target groups can have the most use for our technology, and for which applications, we are therefore very responsive to new collaborations and partners that may assist in our continued development”, says Andreasson, and continues:

“We believe that our technology has great potential to accelerate the Life Science industry. Our technology can be used to create the basic knowledge and understanding about the molecules and how they behave, that creates the basis for R&D in drug discovery and development for example”.

Microscopy as a technique has been around for a long time. Envue Technologies bases its innovation on combining traditional microscopy with nanochannels used as optical sensors. There is no other solution like it anywhere else in the world.

In the service of humanity

Envue Technologies is developing its business by support from the Chalmers Ventures Incubator and has among other things won the Venture Cup prices in west for best business idea 2021 and game changer 2022. The innovation has also been included in IVA’s list of the 100 most promising technologies in the service of humanity and was one of six from this list that got selected to the exclusive Silicon Valley-based incubator program REACH for technologies with high international potential.  

“The researchers within academia will be our first customers. We also have a dialogue with other stakeholders such as RISE and AstraZeneca, who have shown great interest in our technology. We have a lot to look forward to in the upcoming years”, says Ellen Andreasson.