Sön 14 jul / År 42 / Nr 3 2024

Be a part of Europe’s strongest labour market

Älvsbyn offers great opportunities for companies to grow as part of Europe’s strongest labour market. Without exaggeration, Älvsbyn has industries of national interest. Most people have at some point bought a product related to Älvsbyn, whether it be a house, genuine Northern flatbread or a car that has been tested in cold climate.

Älvsbyhus production line is automated, efficient and create interest far beyond Älvsbyn.

Älvsbyn is a strong entrepreneurial municipality. Companies Älvsbyhus and Polarbröd are at the forefront of a number of family businesses established decades ago in Älvsbyn, still family-owned and still growing with a national perspective. It is not hard to see that Älvsbyn can offer great opportunities for entrepreneurs and companies to grow.

Best conditions for more establishments

Polarbröd and Älvsbyhus are the largest private employers in Älvsbyn. Both carry out industrial manufacturing at a high level, also largely based on local raw materials and local knowledge. Their automated processes and efficient manufacturing create interest far beyond Älvsbyn. They ideally contribute to more companies in industrial manufacturing wanting to establish themselves in Älvsbyn.

“It goes without saying that we want to attract more businesses to Älvsbyn in the future. We have several things that are unique to us and to this place, all which can contribute to more companies finding their way here”, says Roger Tuomas, Head of unit at the community planning office in Älvsbyn.

Industries that require access to large amounts of green electricity to operate their business are often interested in Älvsbyn and Northern Lapland at large. Vattenfall and Svenska Kraftnät has recently installed a switchgear with a capacity of GW size which partly takes care of the electricity produced by wind power and hydropower, but which also provides opportunities for electricity-intensive industry in the area.

“If you look at the industrial development in Sweden overall, places with access to green electricity will be of greatest interest now and in the future. We have green electricity being produced in our area, and we also have access to a lot of land suitable for industrial development. What is more, our available land is already ready for construction with all permits in place. This, in my opinion, should also give us a significant head start”, says Tuomas.

Exciting times ahead

There are already 800 active registered companies in Älvsbyn, which means that every tenth resident is an entrepreneur. This makes Älvsbyn one of the northern hinterland’s most enterprising municipalities. The diversity here is also unique. In addition to food processing, house manufacturing and vehicle testing, there is a rich flora of exciting companies in everything from nature experiences to small-scale manufacturing industry.

“We have exciting times ahead of us, where we primarily need to show our best and attract more residents to Älvsbyn. There is room for more entrepreneurs, more companies and more residents who want to be part of creating an attractive future in northern Sweden with Älvsbyn as a starting point”, says Roger Tuomas in conclusion.