Ons 24 jul / År 42 / Nr 3 2024

The industrial revolution of the 21st century is here

The development that is taking place right now indicates that northern Sweden will become a global hub for fossil-free and sustainable development. The industrial revolution of the 21st century is here, and it is defined by advanced technology, automation, and not least sustainable solutions.

Lotta Finstorp, Landshövding Norrbotten

“Northern Sweden, with Norrbotten at the forefront, is now the starting point for the next great industrial revolution. Our region is the birthplace for new technology, it is vibrant in so many different ways, and not least when it comes to cultural and nature-based experiences that increase quality of life”, says Lotta Finstorp, Norrbotten County Governor.

This is happening now

The energy transition has already begun with investments such as Markbygden’s wind farm in Norrbotten and Northvolt’s battery factory in Västerbotten. At the same time, the development of fossil-free steel is ongoing in Hybrit’s facilities in Luleå and Gällivare and there are plans for a large-scale production facility in Boden to be set up by H2 Green Steel.

“This will be the world’s first full-scale plant for the production of green steel, completely fossil-free, and this is to be built in Norrbotten County”, Lotta Finstorp underlines.

The next generation industry

There are more examples that underline the high ambitions of northern Sweden and especially Norrbotten County when it comes to advanced technology for sustainability. Right at the core is often Luleå University of Technology, which conducts world-leading research in fossil-free technology development and green energy transition.

“Our region will lead the way for the development of the next generation of green and sustainable industry. But it takes manpower and competence for that to happen”, says Lotta Finstorp.

“Several thousand new jobs will be created within the next ten years. In addition to the industrial development, which includes a large number of high-tech jobs, there will also be a need for reinforced public services with more people employed in healthcare, education and administration”.

Raising awareness

“The most important task we have now is to make the outside world more aware of what is happening in northern Sweden and to raise interest for our country overall. We need to attract more permanent labour. Commuting is not enough. Our main challenges, as well as opportunities, are those of attracting people to our region”, says Lotta Finstorp in conclusion.