Ons 21 feb / År 42 / Nr 5 2023

Överkalix has Sweden’s most beautiful living environments

The Överkalixbostäder foundation (Stiftelsen Överkalixbostäder) has been a driving force in developing the property market in Överkalix over decades. Newly built homes have been put on the market at a lower cost and faster rate through the acquisition and remodeling of existing properties.

Överkalixbostäder is characterized by innovation and collaboration

Överkalix has Sweden’s most beautiful living environments and that is something that the Överkalixbostäder foundation would like to take advantage of. In recent years, a number of properties in the urban area have successfully been converted into private homes. This is an excellent way to meet the need for housing and at the same time keep building costs down.

“We have a strategy and mission that is based on being able to offer housing when people want to move here. In recent years, we have expanded our property market so that we are prepared for growth, and this is something that we now expect in connection to large industrial investments in our region”, says Per-Erik Olofsson, CEO, Stiftelsen Överkalixbostäder.

Hoping for new-building

In addition to the massive investments in Kiruna - Malmfälten, Boden, Luleå and Skellefteå, among others, Överkalix can also count on traction from the local industry and not least the hospitality industry.

“Local tourist investments will contribute to a greater interest in our region and that in turn can lead to higher immigration, which we naturally hope for. With such development, we could start up one or a couple of long-awaited new buildings within a few years”, says Per-Erik Olofsson.

There is also a continued focus on the acquisition of existing properties with locations that are suitable for housing. Överkalixbostäder is characterized by innovation and collaboration. This is most tangible as things are starting to happen and it will be exciting to see where it goes in the near future.

All the required conditions are there for Överkalix to become the most preferred place to move to in northern Lapland.