Tor 25 jul / År 42 / Nr 3 2024

Överkalix is the place to be to maintain a healthy lifestyle

In Överkalix there are many great ways to enjoy an active and healthy lifestyle. Thanks to short distances and a high level of voluntary work to promote leisure activities, everyone can have a great quality of life in Överkalix.

Överkalix has associations for all ages; sports associations, cultural associations, riding clubs, dog associations, pensioners’ associations, fishing and hunting associations, village associations, as well as clubs for scooter and other outdoor activities. And what is even more valuable is that many of these initiatives are based solely on voluntary work.

Creates attractiveness

The richness in the local leisure activities and associations testifies to a strong commitment among residents and businesses in Överkalix. A strong tradition of non-profit associations in many areas proves that Överkalix has at least as rich a leisure life as that of larger municipalities.

“Being able to offer a wide range of different activities through local associations and clubs has everything to do with how attractive we are as a municipality to both existing and potential new residents”, says Anna Widén, Manager of Rural Development in Överkalix municipality.

Överkalix, just like all other municipalities in Norrbotten, needs to do a number of things to increase its number of residents. The associations then play a key role in creating a collective attractiveness for a place that is vibrant and inclusive.

A good range of different leisure activities contributes to a higher quality of life and it is something that is high on the list for anyone who may be interested in moving to the municipality and the region.

Building on deep commitment

In Överkalix, deep commitment is something that characterises way of life. There are many tangible examples of this. The new Överkalix riding club is one. When the former public riding school was shut down, the riding club started looking for a place to build a new riding facility, and even now the club is active in creating activities to get as many people as possible interested in horseriding.

Another example is ÖIF, Överkalix Sports Association, which, among other things, is responsible for the maintenance and operation of the municipality’s ski facility on Stora Lappberget, the public ice rink and soccer fields, and so on.

New associations are also being established in Överkalix all the time, including a new football club durin 2022. This also shows that there is a strong interest among everyone in getting involved in the municipality’s development and attractiveness.