Ons 22 maj / År 42 / Nr 1 2024

Överkalix has the best schools

What is most important for families with children who are considering moving to Överkalix? Good preschools and schools are likely to be at the top of the wish list. Överkalix is not only an outdoor dream shrouded in midnight sun and northern lights, but also one of the best places to be to get the best basic education.

Förskolerektor My Pahikka-Aho är mycket nöjd med fjolårets skolrankning.

According to the Swedish Teachers’ Association’s school ranking from 2021, Överkalix has the best schools in northern Lapland, and among the best in Sweden.

Preschool principal My Pahikka-Aho is very satisfied with the school ranking. In 2021, Överkalix climbed the highest among all municipalities in Sweden, from a position around 200 to 34 among the country’s 290 municipalities. Part of the justification from the Teachers’ Union read: “High grades and healthy teachers make Överkalix a highly ranked school municipality”.

“We have many strengths when it comes to how we develop our schools and preschools. This is evident in the pupils’ grades and overall goal achievements. We also have low absence due to sickness among teachers and a high teacher availability overall. Together, we have worked purposefully to improve and strengthen our school results, and the ranking is a fine proof of that”, says My Pahikka-Aho.

Benefits of coordination

The municipal preschool in Överkalix has many qualified preschool teachers, at least two per department, which on average is a high percentage in Sweden and especially in a smaller municipality.

“We are proud to have so many qualified preschool teachers. It shows us, among other things, that teachers appreciate Överkalix municipality as an employer in education”, says My Pahikka-Aho.

The municipality is a stable and safe employer that offers many benefits to staff. In addition to that, work within the school and preschool is characterised by continuous improvements that are highly tangible. It is a safe working environment for the staff, and a safe school environment for the children, created by coordinating all municipal school activities in one place in central Överkalix.

Simplicity, safety and a high level of service are some of the key words for the municipality. It is particularly noticeable when it comes to the development of the school environment. By coordinating preschool and school to the same location, unique conditions are also provided for developing a more varied and exciting learning environment for both children and staff.

For future development

“As a preschool teacher, you work with our future; our children”, My Pahikka-Aho underlines.

Development and learning constitute a mission that can never be overestimated. In Överkalix, a lot is invested in developing the municipal preschool and school, also providing fantastic opportunities for all employees to contribute to future development.