Fre 24 maj / År 42 / Nr 1 2024

Prefabmästarna: “We must work under a common banner to attract more people to Piteå and Norrbotten”

Prefabmästarna has great influence as a major employer in a small town. The company is involved in many local projects to develop and strengthen Piteå on all levels, both as a place to live and a place for businesses to grow.

Getting more people to move to Norrbotten is a task that requires everyone to work together and contribute to the marketing of the region. Prefabmästarna are constantly involved in this, as a company Prefabmästarna grows and contributes to development through more jobs, through cooperation and by influencing other companies to dare to cooperate and invest in the region.

“Piteå is right at the centre of development, in a dynamic region that needs to grow faster than ever. Here, all municipalities and companies need to join forces and invest even more in collaboration across municipal borders”, says Fredrik Kristiansson, CEO at Prefabmästarna.

“An establishment in any municipality in Norrbotten is something that benefits the entire region, that creates more interest and that can ultimately also benefit Piteå and the companies here”, he adds. “It is important that we as employers and local driving forces for development can work closely with each other and contribute to joint growth”.

Everyone benefits from collaboration

Piteå is truly in the middle of a massive development. Fossil-free steel production is underway in Gällivare, Luleå and Boden, development of the fossil-free mine in Kiruna, the battery factory in Skellefteå and construction of Europe’s largest land-based wind farm in Piteå. Piteå is also a fantastic residential municipality, there is land to build on, there are good community services.

“The most important thing that we see from our side that the municipality must work on in the future is planning readiness, so that those who want to build new homes or establish their business in Piteå can get help to move forward in the building process”, Fredrik Kristiansson underlines.

“Us private companies also need to deepen our collaboration with the municipality and the public sector at large. Everyone benefits from collaboration. As a company, we must work under a common banner to attract more people to Piteå and Norrbotten. We all need to do what we can to make it easy for more people to move here”.

Attracting international talents

According to Fredrik, as a newcomer to the municipality, you should feel that you are welcome and that you get help with the questions that arise in connection with a move to a new place.

“We need to have a strong service in the municipality, which guides new residents in the right direction”, he says.

“As an individual company, in my opinion, we are not likely to recruit very many people from other countries by ourselves. We cannot ourselves create as much international interest as it would require. If, on the other hand, we combine our resources with other players and market the entire municipality, the entire region even, then we can reach out to an international market to recruit the skills we need. This is why collaboration is so important”, Kristiansson concludes.