Lör 2 mar / År 42 / Nr 5 2023

The importance of infrastructure in developing new industries around Arvidsjaur

Arvidsjaur Airport is an important hub for growth connected to a large part of northern Lapland. The region has several expanding industries such as vehicle testing, digital development, and environmental technology, to name a few. They all have one thing in common; the need for daily connections to key infrastructural hubs in Europe.

Arvidsjaur and several neighbouring municipalities are quickly becoming increasingly known for their expansive testing activities in the automotive industry. This is not something that has developed by chance. The vehicle test operation largely benefits from Lapland’s natural assets such as snow, cold and darkness.

More than snow, cold and darkness

However, to make a region attractive to industrial establishment and development, you need a lot more than snow, cold and darkness. Around Arvidsjaur there is a lot more to be experienced, than what most people are aware of.

Within the region, there are unique values in terms of unspoilt nature, which offer fantastic experiences such as hiking, rafting, hunting and fishing, for example. Nature experiences are getting higher and higher on the list of what visitors value on their trips, and this is something that can be developed further.

“Our most important role today and in the future is to ensure that the regional and international infrastructure has sufficient capacity, so that business and private travellers can get to and from the region without difficulty”, says Ralf Lundberg, Airport Manager at Arvidsjaur Airport.

One of the fastest growing regions

There are many growing companies in and around Arvidsjaur. The region has in fact become one of Sweden’s most fastest growing in terms of industrial development.

The most important role of Arvidsjaur Airport, in connection to the industrial growth, is to meet the needs of travel to and from the region as efficiently as possible, thereby promoting continuous growth with the possibility of also establishing new business in the northern Lapland hinterland.

Currently, Arvidsjaur Airport has daily connections with a handful of hubs in Germany, and all are important to the automotive industry. Some gratifying news are that Arvidsjaur Airport more or less has been able to regain both capacity and demand both in terms of the number of passengers and the number of departures. 

Next up is a need to expand

If the development pace continues as it is now, there will most likely be very exciting things happening around Arvidsjaur and the airport in the future.

In addition to German tourists longing for things like the northern lights and the tranquillity of northern Lapland’s hinterland, the region is also a hub for business travellers in the automotive industry, but not only.

In order to continue to be a driving force for the region, the airport must expand. In addition to the establishment of the latest connection to Cologne, there are long-term plans to develop the surrounding area closest to the airport. This will likely be of interest to companies that want to establish their operations near the airport and thus benefit from the existing infrastructure.