Sön 14 jul / År 42 / Nr 3 2024

“The Älvsbyn Brand” needs to be made more visible

Älvsbyn is a hidden jewel in the Norrbotten hinterland. With an expanding business of national interest, crowned by leading companies in vehicle testing, food processing and house production, Älvsbyn can compete with significantly larger municipalities in Norrland and the rest of Sweden.

The winners in Älvsbyn’s Business Gala

If you live somewhere in Sweden, no matter where, it is most likely that you have at least once purchased a product that was produced in Älvsbyn. The explanation is simple. One of Sweden’s largest bakeries, Polarbröd, resides in Älvsbyn.

The company Polarbröd combines both quality and sustainability with intensive environmental work, which seems to be a characteristic of the businesses of Älvsbyn at large. Polarbröd is one of many well-known brands that has been established and continues to develop in Älvsbyn.

Working with sustainability seems to be an ever-present trend in Älvsbyn. Another example is the prefabricated house developer Älvsbyhus which, like Polarbröd, is a well-run family business with sustainability as a business concept.

Polarbröd and Älvsbyhus are the largest private employers in Älvsbyn, but the municipality has several industries of national interest and even of global interest. An example of this is that several of the Norrbotten municipalities have teamed up to form a centre for vehicle and tire testing.

Älvsbyn made to be more visible

Needless to say, the municipality of Älvsbyn is happy to support sustainable development in any way possible. To create sustainable businesses, all aspects of sustainability must be considered. The challenge is not to identify new and innovative ways to develop business, but to find enough people to make it happen.

“The most important task we have in front of us now is to market our brand, that is “the Älvsbyn brand”, in a way that attracts more people to settle here. We are now working on new ways to do this, not least in collaboration with our neighboring municipalities”, says Johan Dahlqvist, Chairman of the municipal board.

The diversity in Älvsbyn’s business world is striking. In addition to food processing, prefabricated house development and tire testing, there is a rich flora of exciting companies representing everything from nature experiences to small-scale component manufacturing.

For Älvsbyn to keep its rich business life, today consisting of almost 1000 companies, more people are required. Businesses can only grow if there is enough manpower to facilitate growth.

“Choosing to live in Älvsbyn provides great security. We also have a lot of different accommodations ranging from apartments, smaller houses, larger houses, in various settings such as central, rural and close to nature. We have a lot to offer, but still, Älvsbyn is not well known outside on Norrbotten. It is about time the hidden jewel Älvsbyn is revealed to the world”, says Johan Dahlqvist.

For both businesses and people, Älvsbyn is geographically strategically well located in Norrbotten, with everything you can ever dream of in reach.