Tor 25 jul / År 42 / Nr 3 2024

Innovative northerner leads the global market

Timrå is well on its way to becoming a global center for the manufacture of fibreboard, more specifically wood-based fiberboard which is used to manufacture furniture, kitchen fittings, floors and bathrooms, among other things. This is thanks to the fast-growing company Sunds Fibertech, which in a short time has managed to establish itself as a leading supplier of machines and service for the sustainable manufacture of MDF and chipboard.

Part of Sunds Fibertech’s management team, from left, Victor Grönlund, project chief; Emma Eklund, business controller; Jesper Eklund, managing director and Yves Michal, sales manager.

Sunds Fibertech has developed innovative, high-tech and efficient solutions for manufacturing wood fiberboards. The machines, which in many cases are patented, minimise climate impact by requiring less energy, optimising the use of glue and reducing emissions.

“We supply all the machinery and associated services needed to manufacture fiberboard such as MDF, OSB and chipboard in a highly efficient manner. What makes us unique is above all our level of technology, our know-how and our strong innovative power. The competence of the employees, I dare say, is unbeatable”, says Lars Eklund, CEO of Sunds Fibertech.

Sunds Fibertech has established an exceptional position as a leading technology developer, with strong growth potential and with 350 customers in 34 countries.

Focusing on growth

So far, the company has grown organically, and substantially so. In connection with the fact that earlier this year the investment company Priveq became the majority shareholder in Sunds Fibertech, with an ownership stake of 60 percent, growth can continue both organically and through strategic acquisitions.

“The goal is to go from the current turnover of around 250 million to a billion (SEK) within five years, which is completely reasonable if you look at the development so far”, says Lars Eklund.

Sunds Fibertech is well deserving of awards such as SvD’s Business Achievement of the Year 2023, Company of the Year in Timrå, DI Gasell and EY Entrepreneur of the year 2022. Lars sees these as fine indicators of what has been done so far is good, really good, but is not going to lean back and stay satisfied. For Sunds Fibertech, continuous development is key, and the aim is now to establish a strong position in the USA.

Increased productivity wins

Globally, Sunds Fibertech is still a small player. What is it then that makes the company from the far north succeed in taking market shares from larger machine manufacturers?

“We know that the large machine manufacturers aim to equip entire factories and often replace the entire machinery fleet. The customers, on the other hand, want to increase the productivity of their existing processes, preferably with the capital-intensive machinery maintained as far as possible. That is why we focus on the parts of the process that have the greatest impact on the environment and capacity, and develop tailored solutions that lift the customers’ production to a whole new level”, says Lars.

Sunds Fibertech is today the market and technology leader with self-developed, patented machine solutions in areas such as energy recovery, glue application and emission elimination. All are areas that are most important today for manufacturers of wood fiberboards. In addition, Sunds Fibertech has built up a strong aftermarket that accounts for approximately 40 percent of the company turnover.

More and more offices are being established worldwide for Sunds Fibertech, but the head office remains in Timrå where it all once began. And that is how it will stay, emphasises Lars Eklund.