Sön 21 jul / År 42 / Nr 3 2024

World-class pipe installations to enable green transition

Jobsab delivers complete world-class pipe installations. In this context, world-class refers to installations carried out by qualified and competent personnel with many years of experience, representing a company with a well-reputed brand within the industry.

Jobsab is an enabler for the development of the circular economy in terms of making green energy available.

“To be able to play in the Champions League, you need to have the best players, and we have that when it comes to pipe installations. That is why we use “world-class pipe installations” as our motto, it describes our offer, our ambition and our approach very well”, says Johan Jönsson, CEO and project manager at Jobsab in Landskrona.

Jobsab know-how is in demand globally

The whole world is talking about the green transition, or the green evolution with an industrial approach, and Jobsab is quick to identify see the great development potential in that. Jobsab is even an enabler of the transition as the company ensures delivery of the pipe and system installations needed to produce and make green energy available.

“In the near future we are looking for employees who want to be involved and make the green transition become reality. For us, this entails installing the pipe systems needed in biogas and hydrogen plants. Both make up a growing business area with great potential”, says Johan Jönsson.

At the time of writing, Jobsab is installing a complex pipe system in a large biogas plant in Södertörn, and shortly after this a new hydrogen project will begin in Gothenburg. There is no geographical limitation for Jobsab, having customers all over Sweden and Europe. For some projects, they deliver even further afield – for example to Egypt, where some of Jobsab’s personnel will be stationed during the second half of the year for a major renovation project.

“Our know-how is world-class, and is in demand globally. We also see that requests from other countries are increasing now that hydrogen production is the next big green investment in many industries”.

Building the green infrastructure of the future

Jobsab works almost exclusively with larger projects of international interest. Not infrequently, these are projects that last for a long time, sometimes for a year or longer. Jobsab is part of a large process, both regarding current projects and in the important energy transition.

“We are involved in building the green infrastructure of the future and are thus an enabler for the development of the circular economy in terms of making green energy available. There are not many other players who can undertake as large or as complex installation projects in plants for biogas and hydrogen production as we can. That is why we are involved in building a completely new infrastructure, and we are at the same time a partner in an extensive development process that society is going through for the benefit of the climate”, says Johan Jönsson.

Currently, around 30 pipe engineers work at Jobsab, as well as a handful of administrators, HR- and finance staff. During the beginning of the year, five pipe engineers and a project manager were hired in Landskrona, and according to Johan Jönsson, Jobsab is now very strong in terms of competence. He is still looking for one or two skilled installers in other regions, in order to maintain high availability and be able to meet customers all over the country.

“We are prone to growth and we invest in the future. We strongly believe in education and further training, and offer everyone who works for us great skills development opportunities. Because we have such a wide range of projects we participate in, no two days are the same with us. We offer an exciting, fun and varied workplace with a lot of responsibility. I personally think this appeals to many”.