Fre 1 mar / År 42 / Nr 4 2023

The world’s first clinically proven AI-assisted gut health solutions

Enbiosis has tamed the challenges of understanding and mapping the complexity of the human gut microbiome.

At right, Yusra Serdaroglu, Head of Nutrition at Enbiosis.

Using AI, medical researchers and data scientists at Enbiosis have worked closely together to develop an algorithm that can decode one of the most complex systems in the world, the microbiome. By doing so, it is then possible to turn the collected data into a detailed and personalised health report, complete with personalised solutions for each patient.

“The solutions we present include personalised food and pre- & probiotic suggestions. Enbiosis is the first company in the world to develop AI-assisted personalised gut health solutions. This means that we are not only testing the bacteria in the gut, but also analysing them using the most advanced AI-technology and turning the collected data into scores that can be used to map out the entire gut microbiome”, says Yusra Serdaroglu, Head of Nutrition at Enbiosis.

“This is so much more than a generic stool or microbiome test”, she continues. “We are not just scanning the levels of some of the bacteria – we are analysing the entire gut eco-system”.

Personalised Solution

Enbiosis has clinically proven the efficacy of the solutions and has published the results in prestigious journals across the world. The journals include themes such as IBS and chronic constipation, conditions which 15 percent of people in the world suffers from.

“Our AI-assisted gut health solutions are backed up by scientific proof collected through clinical trials. On top of that, we provide completely personalised solutions. This is why we can say that we are first in the field, using AI-assisted methods to improve gut health”, says Yusra Serdaroglu.

Enbiosis has developed an extraordinary solution. Does that mean that it must be expensive?

“Not at all. We provide a personalised health report with 15 different indexes, and a risk analysis of several diseases. This gives the patient a good start to develop a better and healthier lifestyle. Just by adopting a new way of living and eating can decrease the likelihood of developing certain diseases. We also provide a report of more than 300 foods, scored between 0 -10, based on the personal gut microbiome”, Yusra Serdaroglu explains.

“In addition, we provide a list of prebiotics and probiotics that fit the specific microbiome eco-system of each patient”.

Why Medicon Valley?

There are several companies in the Medicon Valley region focusing on the microbiome. This makes the region very appealing to Enbiosis. The headquarters are in the UK. All research and development activities behind the technology have been carried out in Turkey. The core markets are initially UK and the US.