Tor 25 jul / År 42 / Nr 3 2024

Fast-growing RCO with high ambitions

ProPharma is the world’s first Research Consulting Organisation, RCO. With a global perspective, ProPharma offers a new degree of personalization and agility. The new RCO delivers a “3-D printed” solution for those sponsor programs and a personalized approach to drug and device development outsourcing.

Pär Thored, Senior Consultant and site manager at ProPharma.

“In a world where the global regulatory environment becomes more complicated and harder to understand, developers of new pharmaceuticals, medical devices, combined products and not least the latest and most complex gene therapies, need customised consulting services with a strong regulatory support all the way. This is what we provide at ProPharma”, says Pär Thored, Senior Consultant and site manager at ProPharma    

Moving into Medicon Village

ProPharma is the first-ever RCO, and leads with strategy to enable customized design and delivery of consulting solutions that are equipped to successfully navigate the increasingly complex global regulatory environment.

In just a few of years, ProPharma has expanded globally to at least four times the size in terms of employees and customers. The expansion is highly evident in Medicon Valley as well, and as of June 2023, ProPharma will reside in Medicon Village in Lund.

The power of a seamless line of service

Medicon Village provides ProPharma with scalable facilities with room for further growth. Over the last two years, the number of consultants in the Öresund region has more than doubled, which gives an indication of where the company is going when it comes to further developing the team, as well as the number of customers that ProPharma can work with.

“Many, if not most of our customers are long-term commitments. They rely on our expertise in all areas of development. The biggest advantage for our customers in hiring us is that we can help them with everything in drug development within the same organisation, providing a seamless line of service from start to goal.”      

“We can help take our customers’ projects from idea through all clinical trial phases and all the way to an approved product. We can even help put their product into production. Therefore, we must continue to grow, so that we can continue to maintain a high profile, meet customer demands, and constantly keep track of the regulatory aspects”, declares Pär Thored.

ProPharma is currently recruiting in all areas, with a special focus on regulatory competence. Pär Thored is himself a Senior Regulatory Consultant, maintaining a large customer portfolio and at the same time responsible for the development of the soon-to-be Lund-based offices, which will be the main hub for ProPharma’s expansion in Scandinavia over the coming years.