Tor 29 feb / År 42 / Nr 4 2023

Better precision with the most affordable digital impressions solutions

The recent introduction of the device NeoScan 2000 is the biggest happening for Neoss over the past years, ever since the initial launch of its predecessor NeoScan 1000. With NeoScan 1000 and now the improved and even smarter NeoScan 2000 it is possible to dramatically improve patient experience and at the same time gain better precision with the most affordable digital impressions solutions.

Robert Gottlander, CEO Neoss.

Neoss has somewhat revolutionised dental care with its innovative solutions. Based on research from Gothenburg, Neoss has successfully implemented simpler and more affordable solutions for dental implants using only one platform. Yet, all possible needs when it comes to dental implants are still covered. How is it possible?

“We never compromise on quality, patient experience or the dentist’s work. What we aim to do is to make the complex aspects of dental implants simpler, where it is possible to do so. This is why we have developed a platform for dental implants, only one platform that holds all solutions required for all possible needs. This is what we refer to as “Intelligent Simplicity”. We take the best of a Swedish innovation, combine it with new technology and a smarter way of doing things, and what we get is the Neoss solution for modern dental implants”, confirms Neoss CEO Robert Gottlander.

Making the complex simpler

Developing smarter solutions, and especially focusing on making what is complex simpler, has always been most important to Neoss. This is as Gottlander explains also communicated through the motto “Intelligent Simplicity”. Developing the digital impression device NeoScan 1000 was yet another step to manifest the company’s drive towards simplicity.

NeoScan 2000 is the next generation device for making digital impressions of teeth. No other solution can offer the same patient experience, or match its precision when it comes to making perfect 3D-impressions. “Intelligent Simplicity” also covers making the technology and the solutions more available and affordable, which is something that Neoss has worked hard to achieve over the years.

”We have had fantastic development both in Sweden and globally during the last two to three years. In the last two years, for example, we have doubled our turnover. Now we focus even more on communicating all the benefits of our products and solutions, especially regarding simplicity”, says Robert Gottlander.

NeoScan 2000 makes a digital impression of the teeth in just 30 seconds. It is the fastest and most affordable digital solution available today. Other scanner solutions on the market are considerably more expensive as they tend to have a lot of software, but to make an accurate impression the software does not need to be built into the scanner itself. Sufficient software can instead be found at centralised laboratories that develop the bite splint after the impression.

Showing faith in the future

A lot is happening in dental care in Sweden today. The number of small private clinics is decreasing, as they are being absorbed into the larger private chains. This also means a big change in the market for Neoss. In conclusion, Robert Gottlander sums up the immediate goals for Neoss:

“We need to be more visible and more precise about our offer and we need to act faster. In addition to NeoScan 2000, we are launching a number of other new products in the fall of 2023. This is primarily to show our faith in the future and to communicate that we are a partner to be reckoned with in the development of modern dentistry”.