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Reducing stress and promoting health requires the right support

Stress-related illnesses are becoming more and more common, and they also tend to have more serious consequences. Put in very straightforward and simple words; stress can kill. This has become more or less common knowledge, but despite the fact that the awareness of the effects of stress is high, the motivation to prevent the actual cause seems to be low.

Anna Krantz, Founder of the innovation-driven company You go health plan.

“Dealing with stress can be tough and often seem overwhelming to both individuals and to their employers. Many companies have strategies for dealing with stress and for preventing ill health, but far from all employers have implemented such strategies. This despite the clear advantage of having healthy employees. At You go health plan we help employers to identify risks and we provide them with the tools necessary to make positive changes”, says Anna Krantz, Founder of the innovation-driven company You go health plan, based on years of research.

Building healthy working environments

While it is true that some level of stress can be productive short-term, it is also true that when it comes to long-term commitments and projects running over a long period of time, manageable stress-levels promote better results.

All companies strive to create durability and sustainability in well-functioning and productive teams, built on key competence and the ability to deliver. Building well-functioning and productive teams is the key to success, but it is also the source of many challenges as it is so hard to accomplish in reality.

“Dealing with stress and building a healthy working environment is a great way to start something positive that will last over time. Productive and profitable teams are not to be taken for granted, they do not just appear but require a lot of time and work to develop and even more to stay healthy. We provide the necessary support to companies and organisations that wish to start a healthy journey towards higher goals”, Anna Krantz explains.

Making sense of it all

There are many consulting firms that claim to be able to deliver better health, increased productivity and more effective leadership. What makes You go health plan stand out?

Anna Krantz clarifies that “a common mistake that many companies make is to invest in various health measures and programs without first assessing the actual needs”. Based on that, what would be a better way forward?

“We always start with a tailored assessment to each organisation, and from there we develop a unique plan of action based on what is really needed to boost health in its teams. There are so many aspects of health and so many different programs out there. We make sense of it all and provide our customers with a science-based service that is easy to understand and that is tailored to fit their needs”.

You go health plan works with several assessment methods and health-promoting tools. One of them is Bonzun Evolve, a digital self-assessment platform based on ACT, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, in eight steps. Bonzun Evolve provides support in dealing with stress and anxiety on a self-leadership basis. The entire program has been developed from the latest research in stress and wellbeing.

Addressing additional challenges

You go health plan is an ever-changing and developing phenomenon. There are many additional challenges to consider today, compared to only a few years ago.

Anna Krantz concludes that “there is a high level of mental stress in society, many people are more stressed in their everyday lives and the cause may lie outside the workplace. It is still the employers’ responsibility to develop holistic solutions for health at and outside of the workplace. The need for our services continues to grow, we are looking to expand in order to help as many companies and individuals as possible”.