Tor 29 feb / År 42 / Nr 4 2023

GOBIA Enterprises invests in upcoming and promising life science enterprises

GOBIA Enterprises has invested in no less than 11 companies to date, and more are likely to obtain support from the Swedish investment company within the near future. The goal is to help upcoming and promising life science enterprises to grow.

Chairman and CEO Jan G. Smith.

“We are a family owned and well-financed firm, based in Gothenburg. Investments are done primarily within the life science sector. The key words are long term investments and prominent competence contribution. This makes us stand out from other investors and we believe that this is what will make us successful in the long run”, says Chairman and CEO Jan G. Smith.

Backed by long experience

Jan G. Smith is a well-known entrepreneur with long experience. He is the founder and past CEO of ABIGO Medical, one of the founders and past Chairman of Sahlgrenska Science Park during its first 13 years, as well as the current Chairman of the Pharma Association Eucope in Brussels, which he has been ever since its foundation 16 years ago.

GOBIA Enterprises Partner and vice president is Jan Erik Smith, who brings extensive international experience to the table.

One of the wholly-owned companies within GOBIA is CIRCIUS Pharma AB. CIRCIUS Pharma, located in Gothenburg, is actually a spin-off of ABIGOs successful pharma division, with well-established products and experienced staff. CIRCIUS Pharma is active internationally, having its products marketed in 30 countries. Here, the focus is on expansion and R&D is one of the key activities.

Investing in 40 solid years of experience

SHI Pharma is another firm owned completely by GOBIA Enterprises. SHI stands for Swedish Herbal Institute, and the business was acquired to 100 percent in May this year. All further marketing will be done under the name SHI Pharma.

“This firm has 40 solid years of experience in developing, manufacturing and marketing herbal based pharma products and food supplements. Plans are underway for realising the inherent exciting opportunities associated with this remarkable journey”, says Jan G. Smith.

The manufacturing takes place in a 6000 square meter large pharma plant, located in Vallberga/Laholm, covering the production of the entire range from herbs to finished products. The plant is approved for pharmaceutical production and also for production of APIs (active pharmaceutical ingredients).

SHI Pharma has a well-documented product range and an interesting range of products, all of which are backed up by extensive international studies. For example , one of Sweden’s leading products against symptoms of colds and flu, Kan Jang, is developed and manufactured by SHI Pharma. Other well-known products are for example Chisan and Femineral.

This innovative company is well on its way and the future looks exciting. The same is true for CIRCIUS Pharma and all other investments under GOBIA Enterprises growing wings.