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Experience the magic where the snow is truly white

The natural phenomenon, the waterfall Jockfallet, is an experience beyond the ordinary. Visitors from all over the world come to the village Jockfall in Överkalix to experience everything from traditional salmon fishing and campfires to the northern lights and not least – snow that is truly white.

Norrsken över Grand Arctic Resort och Kalixälven.

The Jockfallet waterfall and the village Jockfall can without exaggeration be attributed to the title Lapland’s most awesome experience. Perhaps even Sweden’s and the Nordic region’s coolest experience, if you look at its values ​​such as magnificent and untouched nature, outdoor life and sport fishing. The rushing waterfall of nine meters is unique in its kind and gives the area its character while at the same time opening up opportunities for a rich outdoor life.

Live destination all year round

The destination Jockfallet, which is located in Överkalix municipality and in direct connection to the Kalix river, undoubtedly has a great potential to live all year round. This is the main strategy for the future as the family company Jockfall Turist & Konferens develops.

The Landin family, who have run the experience and adventure company Jockfall Turist & Konferens for a long time, have a special relationship with the river and the northern Lapland wilderness. Ann-Sofie and Hans Landin together with their son Robin spend basically all their waking time developing the destination, which is also their home.

“The season is extended every year, and as a winter destination, Jockfallet has at least as much to offer as during the summer with the season’s world-unique salmon fishing. During the winter, we collaborate with other entrepreneurs in the region and together we are able to tailor experiences that attract visitors throughout the year. It can be anything from cycling and hiking trips to dog sledding trips in pure white snow”, says Ann-Sofie Landin.

Already as a child, Ronny sat by the river with a fishing rod, and today he is one of the world’s foremost throwers with a fly rod. The brothers both work as guides in the northern wilderness all year round. Robin works full time in the family company.

“One of our main attractions is of course sport fishing during the summer, with salmon fishing in the Kalix River. This attracts people from all over the world. The fish in the river are large, the salmon often being around 10 kg. The vast majority who catch salmon practice C&R, meaning catch and release, to preserve the fish in our rivers”, Ann-Sofie explains.

Below the fall is a fishing stretch of 2.8 kilometers, where the fishing rights are owned by many villagers. You fish according to the principle one step at a time with fly fishing on one side and spin fishing on the other. In the vicinity of Jockfall there is also Lake Vallsjärv where many try to catch the big pike.

Investing for the winter season

The family business has made several major investments in recent years. Today, cabins in different sizes are offered both during winter and summer, and for some time now there has been a campsite adjacent to the facility. There is also a sauna and jacuzzi. Given the possibilities of the place, there is also a well-equipped shop with everything is needed for fishing.

“We believe in this unique place, and therefore we have also dared to invest. What we offer is unique, and we are open all year round for smaller conferences, Christmas dinners, snowshoeing, dog sledding, snowmobiling, northern lights, ice fishing in the winter – there really is something for everyone here. At the same time, we are constantly evolving to broaden our operations and we notice that more and more people are choosing to visit us again and again. More than half of our guests are not involved in fishing, which also underlines all the other values ​​we have to offer here in the form of nature experiences, peace and quiet and not least good food, Ann-Sofie emphasizes.

The local restaurant focuses on the value of local produce. It is a given that there are a lot of fish dishes on the menu, the restaurant can even prepare fish that the guests have caught. A popular special dish developed on site is the so-called "Jockfallaren", which consists of home-baked soft bread, mashed potatoes, raw onions and pickled fried salmon with butter. The dish symbolizes Jockfallet and the fantastic place that the Landin family makes into a unique experience for everyone.

In connection with the restaurant, a glazed veranda has been built during the year, which enables dinner under the stars and the northern lights. It is another investment that allows more people to experience the magic where the snow is truly white.