Fre 1 mar / År 42 / Nr 5 2023

Local and regional development is key

Former Manager of the Swedish Ski Association Daniel Fåhraeus is the new CEO of Piteå kommunföretag AB, Pikab, a holding company wholly owned by the Piteå municipality. The assignment is very much based on promoting collaboration between Pikab’s subsidiaries and being a driving force in developing Piteå and the region.

Daniel Fåhraeus is the new CEO of Piteå kommunföretag AB, Pikab.

Pikab is parent company to six wholly owned subsidiaries, all involved in various tasks related to the basic infrastructure in Piteå. Pikab also has a co-ownership in the event company Nolia. The main task of all businesses is to contribute to local and regional development.

Daniel Fåhraeus has lived in Piteå for almost 20 years, and has previously been active in Pikab as CEO of the subsidiary PiteEnergi. A couple of years ago, he accepted a completely new challenge as manager at the Swedish Ski Association, a role that in many ways included coordination and building up an entire organisation. It is not entirely different from the assignment he has as CEO of Pikab, where several companies will work together to achieve common goals for development.

“For me, it is important to create trust and confidence in the organisations I work for. This job will be exciting and I look forward to working with all the companies within Pikab and the municipal management for the best of everyone. I care about the place where we live and want to be involved in developing Piteå and the region, and that is something I really get the chance to do in this job”, says Daniel Fåhraeus.

Piteå on the map

Piteå is at the center of a major societal transformation that is taking place in northern Sweden thanks to the large industrial investments that are planned for the country’s two northernmost counties. In addition to all that, a gigantic energy conversion to renewable, green energy is taking place right at the heart of Piteå, in connection with the construction of Europe’s largest land-based wind farm in Markbygden.

Other investments such as Hybrit, H2 Green Steel, LKAB’s green iron production, Boliden’s recycling plant and Northvolt all contribute to putting the region on the world map. It is in northern Sweden, and then more specifically in Norrbotten and Västerbotten, that the global industrial revolution will take place. And in the middle of that map is Piteå.

An important part of the assignment for all companies within Pikab is to highlight the municipality and the region as attractive for both housing and business start-ups. This is of course a big issue within Pikab right now, to help open up opportunities for more people to settle in Piteå and at the same time make new areas available for industrial development.

Investing for a green future

Ongoing projects within all Pikab companies are proof that you live as you preach. New homes are being built by PiteBo, Haraholmen’s business park is being further developed, Piteå Science Park is expanding, PiteEnergi is investing in fossil-free production and the port is preparing for a future LNG investment. Much more is going on – Piteå and the Pikab companies are investing for a sustainable and green future.